Amazing Natural Homemade Winter Face Packs To Beat The Chill

After a  long, sizzling summer, the freezing winter is all here. It is that time of the year when the chilly breeze sucks all the life, health, and glow out of your skin. So, is your skin winter-ready? If not, then it is high time to take some protective measures for it. Face packs made of all-natural ingredients can turn out to be great for taking care of the skin in such a harsh weather. Hence, gear up to try some amazing homemade winter face packs and pamper your skin like never before. 

How Does Winter Affect Your Facial Skin?

As the winter chill sets in, your skin becomes the very first victim of it. Being the outermost layer of your body, it suffers a lot from the sudden change of temperature, which is reflected by its dry, flaky, and rough texture. The process of sebum production in the skin gets affected, which reduces the levels of natural oils in the skin. The natural protective barrier of the skin also gets damaged and your skin ends up being stripped off its moisture. In addition, you neglect your winter skincare routine every now and then due to laziness. All these dry out your skin and wreak havoc on it. A dry and parched winter skin can lead to signs of premature aging including fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. You may also experience the worsening of underlying skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. if you do not take good care of your skin in winter.

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Natural Homemade Winter Face Packs To Try

We have come up with a sorted list of homemade winter face pack recipes made of natural ingredients exclusively for you.

Banana And Butter Face Pack

Banana and Butter Mask

Combine two easily found natural ingredients together in order to make an awesome winter face pack for your dry and parched skin. When blended together, banana and butter form a thick paste enriched with moisture, which keeps the skin hydrated during the chills of winter.

Avocado Face Pack

Avocado Mask

Avocado comes loaded with moisturizing properties, which give the fruit a wonderful creamy texture. The same is also highly beneficial for sealing in the natural hydration of the skin. Moreover, avocado makes your skin healthy and helps it fight the wintery winds with plenty of nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. To make a face pack out of it, just mash the flesh with help of a fork and add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to it before blending nicely. Your face pack is ready.

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Milk And Honey Face Pack

Milk and honey mask

Milk is a great boon for our skin. From moisturizing it intensely to providing nutrients to it, milk can do a lot for making our skin look healthy, supple, and radiant. So, you can include this ingredient in your winter face pack too. Add a few drops of honey to a tablespoon of milk and apply it to your face. This will rejuvenate your facial skin from deep inside by providing required moisture and nourishment to it.

Face packs made of cultured milk (fermented with lactic acid bacteria) can work wonder for your skin. It not only regulates the pH balance of your skin but also prepares it for the colder days of the year.

Gram Flour And Milk Cream Face Pack

Gram Flour and Milk Cream mask

A combination of gram flour and milk cream is known to be a great remedy for the dry and flaky skin in winter. It is a simple and natural face pack that can easily be made at home. To make this pack, all you need is two tablespoons of gram flour, half a teaspoon of turmeric powder, and a tablespoon of milk cream. Mix all these ingredients nicely and apply the paste all over your face. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. You will notice a beautiful glow on your face and all those skin flakes will be removed.

Tip: Make sure that the paste does not have too thick or too thin consistency. It should be in a balanced proportion.

Banana, Honey, And Olive Oil Face Pack

When blended with deep-hydrating natural ingredients, such as honey and banana pulp, olive oil can prevent the loss of moisture from the skin completely. Take one ripe banana, a tablespoon of honey, and an equal amount of olive oil. Mash the banana nicely to ensure that there is no lump in it. Then, add olive oil and honey to it. Mix everything together to form a smooth paste. Apply uniformly and leave for 10 minutes before you wash it off. Olive oil regulates the production of sebum in your skin while honey restores its natural moisture and banana detoxifies it.

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Egg White Face Pack

Simple Egg White Face Pack

The egg is one of the best natural beauty ingredients you can ever use. It helps us maintain the perfect level of moisture in our skin, which makes it an effective winter remedy. And the best thing about this face pack is that you need only one egg and no other ingredient for it. Just break the egg and separate its white part from the yolk. Beat the egg white till it becomes frothy. Now, apply it to your face with the help of a brush and let it be there for 5 minutes. Then, rinse it off using lukewarm water. This will hydrate your skin and protect your face further from harsh winter chills.

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Tips to Keep The Facial Skin Healthy In Winter

Using face packs is a part of our external skincare practice, which is typically supported by our efforts to keep our skin healthy from within. Hence, here are a few more tips that you must follow to look gorgeous in winter:

  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face and slather moisturizer on it immediately.
  • Do not skip exfoliation as it is necessary to eradicate the dead cells and reveal the fresh layer of cells from underneath.
  • Drink lots of water throughout the day in order to keep your cells hydrated.
  • Pay attention to your diet. Incorporate plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and herbal infusions in it to provide your body with essential nutrients.

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