5 Hair Care Tips for Winter

Winter is the most fascinating weather among all. We love the little nip in the air as well as the cold breeze that touches our face and blows through our hair. But did you know that that breeze cold which blown through your hair, took its moisture away? A little carelessness in this season can leave you with dry and dull hair. Thus, it is important to take good care of hair in this season. How to do that?

Browse through the article, Beauty Glimpse brings you an elaborated list of tips to take care of hair in colder weather of year…

1. Give regular massage to your hair – Regular oiling is the key to good hair and when the days are colder than ever, it becomes a necessity. So, just when the winter starts, get yourself ready with a bottle of fully organic oil such as almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil. Depending on your preferences, you can also opt for essential oil massage or hot oil massage. These special oils are considered great for removal of dandruff too.

Give regular massage to your hair

2. Go for hair spa – Hair spa is another fantastic way to take care of hair in winters. There are several hair spa products available in market which claims to restore moisture in your hair. You can go for any of such those products and stay away from hair care tensions during winter. If you feel uncomfortable in using chemical spa, you can always make your own natural spa at home.

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hair spa

3. Use remedies to remove dandruff from your hair – Dryness in your scalp is the main reason behind occurrence of dandruff in your hair. These skin flakes not only eat up all the luster of your hairs but also weaken them from root, making them limp and damaged. So, before you start using medication to cure any other problem of your hair, you must concentrate on removal of dandruffs from your head. Several dandruff removing products are available in market nowadays. Apart from that, you can also use some home therapy to get rid of this. Curd and lemon juice mix is one of the most trusted ways to avoid problems of flakey skin in hair.

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Use remedies to remove dandruff from your hair

4. Avoid shampooing on daily basis – The secret of good hair during winters also include this important regime. You must avoid shampooing your hair every day. Although, hair cleaning is important but if you little de-regularize it in winters, it’ll give you the best hairs in the seasons. Since, too much shampooing also cleans away the needed moisture from your hair roots, a break into it will keep the oil level maintained.

5. Let your blowers and dryers take rest for a while – In winters most of us cling to dry our hairs using dryers and blowers, as they blow hot air to remove wetness; it really offers a soothing feeling. But, excessive use of blowers and dryers sponsors a number of hair problems. They make your hair frizzy and also catalyze the problem of hair fall. This makes condition of your worse.

The nip in the air during winters gives an amazing feeling but do not allow that coldness to steal your hair’s beauty. Follow these tips and get beautiful hair round the year.

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