12 Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer Days

Is your skin ready to cope with the scorching heat and annoying humidity of summer? Oh yes! It is an obvious question that you need to ask yourself prior to breaking out your summer wardrobe. Tweaking your skin care habits a little can help you make the most of this skin-baring season and we are here to guide you through the process.

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer Days

  1. Use Summer-Specific Products

It is important to replace your regular skincare products with those which are specifically meant for coping with the extreme heat and humidity of summer. Getting rid of the excess oil and gunk formed on the face is the first condition of making your skin summer-ready. So, try to adjust your skincare regimen accordingly.

  1. Make Sunscreen a Staple

A sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is crucial for a tan-free radiant summer skin. Make sure that you slather a water-resistant broad-spectrum sunscreen on your skin thoroughly every single day before putting on any kind of makeup. Also, do not forget to reapply it frequently in order to strengthen the protection.

  1. Exfoliate Your Whole Body

Exfoliation is the key and it is especially true for those scorching summer days. As the oil glands keep secreting heavily and we keep layering sunscreen on our skin, frequent exfoliation becomes necessary to help it breathe. Whether you prefer a natural grainy scrub or simply make use of a body brush, you are going to get a healthy glowing summer skin from your head to toe.

  1. Befriend with Body Wash

Body wash should be your best friend in summer. The over-secretion of oil and sebum glands, the layer of dead skin cells and constant sweat altogether can clog your skin pores, while making them perfect breeding places for bacteria. So, pick a body wash containing bacteria-killing chemicals like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, etc. and keep your skin smooth and healthy.

  1. Keep Your Skin Moisturized

In spite of all the oil and sebum piling on your face, you should never ever skip your moisturizing routine in summer. All you need to do is to find a water-based or de-greasing product (moisturizer or lotion) so that the sebum secretion of your skin is not facilitated. Also, try to moisturize your skin right after taking a shower in order to make the penetration of the moisturizer easier into the skin.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

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  1. De-Fuzz Like a Pro

There is no more crucial task than smoothing out your skin, when it comes to rediscovering a summer-ready you. Having clean underarms, smooth bikini line and soft touchable legs can help you beat the heat and enjoy the summertime like nothing else. Laser hair removal is the best long-term solution, while waxing can also be quite effective for uprooting the hair. If you need something faster, go for shaving. However, you should always use a sharp new razor, shaving cream or oil (baby oil will also do), and a good moisturizer during the process. These will ensure the closest possible shave and less irritation.

  1. Ditch Hot Water Bath

No matter how strong your love for hot shower is, you have to learn to break up with it at least for the summer. Using hot water during this time can dry out your skin to a large extent, thereby making it look rough and unhealthy. So, try to be shower smart by washing your entire body with lukewarm water and finish it off with a cool rejuvenating rinse. It will keep your pores closed and reduce outbreaks.

  1. Say ‘No’ to Regular Soap

Most of the regular body soaps contain harsh chemical compounds, which rip off the natural oils of the skin. If you continue using these in rising summer temperatures, you will end up sucking out the actual moisture content of your skin cells and look absolutely dull. Hence, switch to certain natural (herbal) soaps or pick a gentle body wash to keep your skin silky smooth throughout the summer.

  1. Modify Your Daily Diet

Get your skin summer-ready from inside out by making significant changes to your everyday diet. Consume lots of fresh fruits and colorful as well as green leafy vegetables to provide enough nourishment to your skin cells. Make sure that your diet contains sufficient amounts of antioxidant vitamins (A, C and E) so that your skin remains bright and youthful even in summer.

  1. Increase Your Water Intake

Never ever compromise with your water intake, especially when the sun is soaring high. From detoxifying our body to regularizing our metabolism to keeping our skin hydrated, water plays various roles in our body. Therefore, drink plenty of water all through the day so that your skin looks flawless irrespective of the heat and humidity.

Increase Your Water Intake

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  1. Work Your Sweat Out

Workout can help you immensely in prepping up your skin for the season. It not only gives blood circulation a boost, but also removes toxins from the body along with sweat. Both of these are necessary for a radiant summertime skin.

  1. Massage with Body Oil

Massaging skin with a good lightweight body oil will induce enough moisture in your skin, tighten it up and give it a healthy glow. So, do not exclude body oil from your summer skin care routine. Rather embrace it.

So, get ready and enjoy the summer!

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