DIY- How to Make Henna Hair Oil for Hair Growth

Every girl wants to flaunt the lustrous and glowing hair. Healthy hair locks is the base for growth of long, strong and glossy hair. You have access to a myriad of remedies for hair growth; yet, not everything works. As mentioned above, hair may grow long, but may not look gorgeous! Hair growth is affected by many problems. However, it can be cured by a single remedy, a time tested solution. Henna hair oil!

Henna, one of the holy ingredients in India has been used in many forms for centuries. Henna is a natural dye! Needless to brief the importance of auspicious henna, aka mehendi in wedding and in many important traditional rituals. When your body is hot in nature, you are more likely to suffer from excessive hair fall. However, henna is a cooling agent that combats the excessive heat quotient. Henna can improve the overall quality of the hair, addressing the common issues that prohibit growth of hair.

Henna Hair Oil

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Why henna hair oil for hair growth?

  • Henna improves hair texture
  • Silky smooth illuminating hair is assured upon regular usage
  • Cools down the scalp and stimulates the hair growth
  • Alleviates the itchy scalp
  • A good remedy for dandruff
  • Stimulates the growth of healthy hair
  • Prevent premature graying of hair
  • Add a unique glow to the hair locks
  • Reduces hair fall

Conditions the hair, a safe, natural and side-effect free hair conditioner

Henna hair oil doesn’t change your hair color, rather adds more vividness to the dark hair.

Henna Hair Oil

How to make henna hair oil – DIY oil for hair growth

Things you need to make henna hair oil:

These are the basic ingredients you need to make henna hair oil. There are many variations to DIY henna hair oil.

1. Grind the henna leaves and make it a paste (remember applying the paste of fresh henna leaves on your fingers before the advent of mehendi cones?)

2. Don’t add too much water to grind the henna leaves. Just add a few drops to ease grinding.

3. Make Amla sized balls from henna leaves (let the balls dry for a while)

4. Heat 500 ml coconut oil in a pan

5. Gently put the henna paste balls into the coconut oil

6. Let the oil boil

7. Remove the pan when the color of the oil changes (it will turn into a brown shade)

8. Allow it to cool and strain the oil (you can even let the oil stay with henna balls for overnight / a day before straining

9. Store the oil in an airtight container. Your henna hair oil for hair growth is ready!

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Henna Hair Oil

Here are the modified versions of henna hair oil:

Version 2: Dry the henna paste balls

Follow the first three steps of the above DIY recipe. You can make flat balls with the henna paste. Instead of boiling the henna balls into the coconut oil, dry the balls using the natural heat, sunlight. Ensure that the henna balls are fully dried. Now, soak the sundried henna balls into a jar of coconut oil. Let the oil absorb the nutrients of henna. Strain the oil and start using the henna hair oil after a week!

Version 3: Dry Henna Leaves

Here you don’t use the fresh leaves. Dry the henna leaves. Powder the dried leaves and add it to the coconut oil. You can start using the hair oil right away!

This version is very easy to use. You can even buy the henna powder available in the stores. However, this is best suited henna hair oil when followed before shampooing hair.

How to use henna hair oil for hair growth

This hair oil can be applied regularly. If you don’t have the habit of oiling your hair every day, you can apply this hair oil twice a week, followed by a shampoo wash. For better results, massage the oil and let it stay for at least 2 hours.

If you have the habit of oiling your hair daily, you can make this hair oil a base mix!

Additional ingredients you can add to the hair oil:

  • Hibiscus flower – promotes hair growth
  • Fenugreek aka methi seeds – Prevents hair loss, stimulates growth of thick hair
  • Curry leaves – prevents grey hairs and aids in lustrous hair growth
  • Neem leaves – treats dandruff and scalp problems

Make sure that you add these ingredients (fresh or dried) when heating the oil. Adding these ingredients gives promising results only when you try the first version of DIY henna hair oil recipe.

Instead of using coconut oil, you can also use sesame oil. However, if you have a cold body, (both sesame and henna are cold ingredients), you can try with coconut oil. Or add a few black pepper corns when you heat the oil.

Alternatively, you can add equal mix of coconut oil, sesame oil and castor oil.

Unlike the other conditioners, you cannot use it on your scalp (just apply across the length of the hair, not on scalp), henna can be applied on scalp without any fears. It nourishes the scalp! For growth of healthy hair locks, just resort to henna hair oil.

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