How to Use a Straightening Iron Without Damaging Hair

With so many types of flat irons available in the market, making wavy, curly or even super curly hair straighter has become a super easy task these days. But if used by an amateur, the extreme heat dissipated by these straightening irons can damage hair fibers terribly. So, here is a guide for you to use a straight iron without damaging your locks:

How to Use a Straightening Iron Without Damaging Hair

Invest in a High-Quality Iron

The basic secret of a damage-free hair straightening technique lies in the use of a first-rate flat iron. It is indeed expensive, but nothing is pricier than your beautiful gorgeous tresses, right? So, get your hands on a tool that comes with the following exclusive features:

  • Ceramic plates for even distribution of heat
  • Timer for auto shut-off facility
  • Multiple heat settings for the adjustment of temperature
  • Simple and easy to handle / operate
  • Manageable size with wide plates
  • Lightweight (should be dragged effortlessly through the locks)
  • Long-lasting (should last as long as 10 years)

Get Your Hair Prepared for It

Get your hair prepared for the most effective yet damage-free at-home straightening treatment right in the shower. Clean, well-conditioned and slightly damp mane is less prone to damage while straightened with a flat iron. Hence, you should:

  • Wash and cleanse your hair with a straightening shampoo that is gentle on the strands.
  • Apply a good conditioner to make it smooth and frizz-free. This will also help you provide protection to your locks during straightening to some extent.
  • Make use of a simple t-shirt or a microfiber towel to soak the excess water from your hair.

Swear By a Good Heat Protector

Apply a highly effective heat protector. It is an absolute must for any sort of heat treatment including blow-drying and hair straightening. Always keep the following things in mind:

  • It should not contain oils and silicone in huge amounts.
  • Must have frizz-control qualities.
  • A dime-sized drop should be enough.
  • Rub the product in between your palms and apply to your hair from the bottom up, while combing it with your fingers.
  • Skip 2.5” to 3” section of hair from your scalp while applying it.

How to Use a Straightening Iron Without Damaging Hair

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Blow-Dry the Right Way

The way you use your blow-dryer before straightening may turn out to be extremely damaging for your tresses. You can never use the flat iron on damp hair directly and hence, blow drying is necessary. But, make sure that you obey the following rules and use the tool the right way:

  • The direction of the blows matters the most, when it comes to avoiding frizzes. Keep the nozzle downwards while pulling the hair flat with a round-bristle brush during the task.
  • Change hot and cool settings of the dryer whenever required in order to prevent overheating or burning of hair.

Section Off Your Hair

Do you just grab a fistful of hair randomly and try to straighten it with your flat iron? Stop the practice immediately as it not only lengthens the process, but also causes lots of damages to the mane. Below given are the tricks:

  • Part your hair in the middle from ear to ear. Then, part those two sections into two more halves to create four equal sections of hair.
  • Clip all four sections separately to keep them apart from each other so that you can work on them individually and get better results without damages.

Select the Right Heat Setting

Now, it is time to prepare the flat iron by choosing the suitable temperature settings. Identify the type and condition of your hair first and select the temperature setting based on these. We provide you with the general guidelines:

  • Use a low setting (less than 300 degrees) for ironing chemically treated, damaged hair with fine or superfine texture. It can go up to 350 degrees if the hair texture is thick and curly.
  • For natural hair of regular texture, the ideal ironing temperature should be between 300 degrees and 380 degrees.
  • Go for a higher setting (from 350 degrees to 400 degrees), if your hair is thick and super curly in texture.

How to Use a Straightening Iron Without Damaging Hair

Follow the Appropriate Method

Following the appropriate method of hair straightening is of utmost importance for averting damages. Here is what you actually need to do:

  • Focus on one section of hair at a time and divide each of them even into smaller sections (width around 1”- 2”) during the procedure.
  • Use a brush or your fingers to pull the sections taut and drag the iron through them with ease.
  • Start ironing at your hair roots and move towards the ends as you go. Never ever touch the iron with your scalp.
  • Do not move the iron over and over the same section of hair.

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Finish It Off Properly

Finish your job tactfully so that your just-straightened hair does not curl up over time and you do not end up spoiling all your efforts.

  • Let your straightened hair cool down properly.
  • Apply a de-frizz serum or cream to keep up the sleek and polished look.
  • Spray a light-hold hairspray onto a boar-nylon brush and comb it through your hair for uniform distribution.


Damage-free, straight and gorgeous hair is all yours!

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