7 Best Sindoor Brands – Flaunt Your Marital Status in Style

Sindoor or vermillion is considered as a prominent symbol of being married among Hindu women. However, with changes and evolutions in this modern age of globalization, application of sindoor in a stylish and fashionable way is the trend to rule. Not only it enhances your beauty but also keeps you in sync to the customs and rituals of Hindu marriage system in a balanced manner. It’s high time you flaunt your marital status in pride and elegance.

Lakme Jewel Sindoor (Price Rs 125)

Available in two amazing color shades, red and maroon, this liquid sindoor from Lakme is very popular and trusted item among new generation women. Designed and packaged in an easy-to-use container with sponge top applicator, this sindoor is naturally formulated to avoid any scalp or skin problem, thus making it a favored choice. Moreover, the price of this product is also quite pocket friendly.

Lakme Jewel Sindoor

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Lotus Herbals Divinedew Herbal Sindoor (Price Rs 125)

As the name itself suggests, the Divinedew Herbal Sindoor from Lotus Herbals is safe and without any chemical toxins that can cause skin problem or allergies. It is packaged in a beautiful plastic bottle that prevents leakage. The sponge brush provided in this sindoor also makes application easy and convenient for you. The product is available in maroon and red color shades which exhibit a matte finish.

Lotus Herbals Divinedew Herbal Sindoor

Shahnaz Husain Herbal Sindoor (Price Rs 125)

Yet another absolute herbal liquid sindoor for you from the renowned brand name of Shahnaz Husain that is clinically tested and formulated. It is prepared from 100% toxin free ingredients that keep your skin allergy free and nourished effectively. The sponge tipped brush provided in this sindoor makes application extremely easy and convenient for you. Make your pick from the two exciting color shades of Shahnaz Husain sindoor – maroon and red.

Shahnaz Husain Herbal Sindoor

Keya Seth Aroma Sindoor (Price Rs 125)

If you prefer 100% herbal products, here is the right choice for you. This sindoor from Keya Seth’s Aroma Therapy is prepared from various floral colors and minerals, making it absolutely safe and harmless. You can select your choice of Keya Seth’s sindoor from three color shades such as red, maroon and magenta. Finally to add a dash of style, this herbal sindoor is formulated with slight gold dust which adds a glittering essence successfully.

Keya Seth Aroma Sindoor

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Jovees Herbal Sindoor (Price Rs 95)

Comparatively cheaper than other brands of sindoor available in India, Jovees Herbal sindoor is also a naturally formulated product that is completely free from toxins such as lead and mercury. It is also available in red and maroon color to suit your choice aptly.

Jovees Herbal Sindoor

Coloressence Aqua SD-R Sindoor (Price Rs 105)

Elegantly designed with a sponge brushed tip, this liquid sindoor is perfect for those who want to flaunt bright red sindoor in a chic style. You will also get this sindoor in maroon color shade. Smudge free, matte finish and quick dry are some of the other features of this sindoor that makes it a good pick for you.

Coloressence Aqua SD-R Sindoor

Blue Heaven Platina Sindoor (Price Rs 65)

Combining some interesting ingredients that are safe, this liquid sindoor from Blue Heaven is available in red and maroon shades. It is irritation free, sunscreen protected with quick drying formula, providing you with maximum convenience within your budget.

Blue Heaven Platina Sindoor

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