Let Your Neckline Speak! Get Trendy With These Latest Churidar Neck Designs

Gone are the days when the choice of designs for the neckline of a churidar was limited to simple round and ‘V’-shape only. With fashion becoming more global these days, you can have fun with a wide selection of necklines available instead of sticking to the classic styles. Even better, mix and match your choices to get a neckline you really like. It eventually all boils down to the neckline accentuating the look of your dress. So, let your necklines speak about your fashion quotient. We have got you covered with the latest churidar neck designs coupled with some amazing tips in this article. Keep reading:

Churidar Neck Designs

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4 Latest Churidar Neck Designs You Can Embrace

Ditch your classic round neckline and go for something trendy. We have compiled a list of some unique and ‘hot in fashion’ necklines for churidar that would help you stand out from the crowd effortlessly:

1. Jewel Neckline:

Wondering what type of neckline is this? Resembling the round neckline, the jewel neckline goes a little above the collarbone and rests on the lowest part of the throat. This neckline adorns your dress just like an ornament. If you are bored of your dresses with classic round necklines, simply opt for this design to add a twist to your new outfit.

Jewel Neckline

2. Illusion Neckline:

Just like the name suggests, an illusion neckline creates an ‘impression of a neckline’ that is barely there. If you are willing to break the traditional neckline silhouette and feeling ready to go for a little bold style, add an illusion neckline to your next churidar.


3. Halter Neckline:

A highly popular neckline in both western and Indian wear, the halter can be the perfect choice to notch up the glamour quotient of your churidar. However, this may not be an appropriate choice if you are not willing to go bold with your outfit. Also, skip this neck design if you have a heavier upper body.


4. Decolletage Neckline:

French in origin, the word decolletage means ‘revealing the neck‘. Needless to say, this neckline implies a deep-neck silhouette. So, before getting this neckline added to your dress, make sure that you are aware enough of the occasion. A decolletage neckline may not be a good choice for just any occasion.


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Things You Should Know About Different Necklines

Now, let’s take a look at those apparently common neck designs that are still very popular among Indian women. You can always pick these necklines without a second thought, but make sure that you keep the following points in mind:

1. Simple Neck Designs:

Cotton churidars with simple neck designs will allow your skin to breathe properly during those terrific summer days. But you can always pick from a wide range of patterns including square, round, ‘V’, and even boat. These patterns shall enhance the overall look of your outfit and make it look complete. The use of lace, stones, colorful threads, prints, sequins etc. in such necklines is simply like ‘cherry on the cake’ that further sets you apart from the normal, drab ones in a stylish way.

2. Round Neck Designs

Round neckline is the most common type of design available in churidars. It looks good on almost all types of frame, which makes it ‘hot favorite’ of all ladies. A well-fitted dress with a round neck pattern looks really decent. A sleeveless kurti with a broad round neck pattern can enhance the shape of the person wearing it irrespective of its cut. Embroideries around a round neckline also make it look exclusive.

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3. ‘V’-Neck Designs

Gorgeous ‘V’-shaped necklines are also pretty popular with women as they add both shape and versatility to the outfit, thereby giving it a sheer elegance. Here also, you have a choice to make the ‘V’ as deep as you want, depending on the cut, design, and color of your dress. The V-neck makes a neck appear much longer than it really is and thus, it looks good on women who have small necks, large busts, and square or round faces.

4. Mandarin Neck Designs

Another neckline that has caught the fancy of many designers these days is the extraordinary mandarin collar. Such design features a closed collar or the same with a very small opening. This works for people who are willing to try something new and fresh-looking. With such a neck design, you are bound to make some new fans for sure!

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Some Useful Tips You Will Love…

Choosing the right neckline designs for churidars becomes simpler once you are aware of your body type. This will give you an idea of what will suit you the most and you will be able to carry yourself off with extreme ease. What suits a celebrity or someone you know may not necessarily suit your body type. So, here are a few important tips that will help you make the right neckline choice for your next churidar:

  1. Girls with heavy busts should avoid boat necks, square necks, or mandarin collars as these styles will look unflattering on them instead of accentuating their body shape the right way. Rather, brace your beautiful body with V-necks and round necks as those will suit you beautifully.
  2. For girls who are petite or even the ones who have small and medium busts, don’t be disheartened as you can wear boat necks and even high necks too. For you, wearing square necks also look really hot and smart. So, try to don those more often.

A simple neckline can both add more beauty to your outfit and ruin your look completely. As someone once said, “It’s all in the details’’. Hence, pay attention to the details of your neckline and you’ll be amazed to see how wonderfully it works for you!

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