Tweezing Makes the Hair Grow Thicker- The Myth is Finally Busted

It is a general beauty belief that tweezing makes the hair grow back thicker and darker, but how far is it true? Is it a myth or a reality, let’s find out.


What is tweezing?

Tweezing is a technique used worldwide by women and few men to shape their eyebrows and the remove other unwanted hair on the body. Generally it is a harmless process when compared to other hair removal techniques.

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There are so many girls out there who prefer tweezing their eyebrow or upper lips, either because they are not satisfied with the beauty parlour or because they do not get time to regularly visit the parlour and get the eyebrows or upper lip done. Similarly there is also a general thought that waxing makes the hair growth slower and thinner. Well, regarding tweezing it is simply just a myth. Tweezing is not likely to cause any kind of changes in the texture of the hair. At least scientifically there are no theories to support it.

What is the difference between tweezing, threading and waxing?

Basically tweezing and threading are the same because in both the cases, individual hair is selected and pulled out from the root. This process stimulates the follicle of the hair which may not necessarily be in a phase of fresh growth. With repeated plucking from same follicle could however distort the follicle due to which the hair starts growing at an odd angle which tends to make it more noticeable.

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What about waxing?

Waxing is also same basically but here the only defense is that just prominent hair is eliminated during plucking or threading meanwhile during waxing more hair is being removed. During plucking or tweezing the hair that will be removed would be already shorter, coarse, colorless hair and when you wax it stimulates a lot of hair into regrowth phase at once. So basically the process is same in both cases.

Difference between tweezing and shaving

As opposed to tweezing, shaving is different slightly. We will tell you the reason- while tweezing like we discussed before, you are removing the hair shaft which is basically a part of the hair follicle meanwhile the matrix lying beneath which happens to be the mechanism for hair growth remains as it is. Shaving meanwhile is just taking out the superficial hair. Here you are cutting the shaft flush with your skin. In shaving you might feel that the hair grows back thicker too but that’s not true as well.

In the case of tweezing, there are chances that you may cause inflammation because of plucking the same hair for years and this gives rise to scar tissue. The scar tissue is like cement, it covers the matrix, which will prevent the growth of the follicle.

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So why does the hair feel thicker?

When the hair grows back after tweezing, the new growth feels thicker because it is sticking straight out and straight edges. Just like the feel after a fresh growth post shaving.

If at all the hair is growing thicker for real than the reason is not tweezing, it could be because of hormonal variations and genetic issues. In such cases it is advised that you consult a dermatologist for the same.

How can you avoid the complications associated with tweezing?

There are certain points, which if taken care of you can avoid the complications associated with tweezing and they are:

  • You should always go for tweezing after a warm bath; this will open the pores of your skin and allow a smooth tweezing.
  • When you tweeze hold the surrounding skin tightly. This will help you to tweeze out the hair much closer to the roots.
  • The grip is very important while you tweeze. Make sure you hold the tweezers properly and pull the hair out gently in the natural hair growth direction.
  • Avoid tweezing during your menstrual period as this can be more painful as compared to other times.
  • Sterilize your tweezers before use.

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