Waxing vs. Epilators – Which is a better method of hair removal?

A silky smooth and hairless body has been the ideal combination for feminine beauty ever since the ancient Egyptian women mastered several techniques of body hair removal. The two modern and most common techniques used by today’s women all over the world to achieve a smooth hairless skin are waxing and epilation.

Importance of Hair Removal

Though hair removal is a matter of personal choice but modern beauty standards idolise perfectly smooth glistening skin for which hair removal become imperative. All methods of hair removal can have their respective advantages and disadvantages and must be carefully chosen as per your lifestyle, skin type and other personal factors like allergies and sensitivity to certain chemicals or procedures.

Waxing: Pros and Cons

Waxing is the most popular and commonly used methods for hair removal at home and salons. It is an effective temporary method for getting rid of large amount of hair at one time. But waxing is often disliked by many due to its messy and sticky process and those with ultra-sensitive skin may even experience rashes and skin irritation post-waxing.

Sometimes the visible minor bruises and skin bumps after waxing may last longer than just a few minutes and utterly spoil a lady’s appearance. Also those who have an acute acne problem or skin allergy cannot use waxing for hair removal.This often has fuelled the debate on waxing versus epilators – which is better?


What are epilators?

Epilators are considered ideal by beauty experts for removing hair on arms and legs. Epilating primarily means using an electric device to remove the entire hair shaft at the root. Tweezing, waxing and threading are all types of epilation, but electric  epilator devices using a rotating, tweezer-like head to remove hair is the latest that hair removal technology has to offer.


Why use epilators?

Epilators have certain obvious advantages over other methods of hair removal:

  • Being an electric device epilators are faster than other methods of hair removal and also safer and cleaner than waxing.
  • Modern branded epilators are easy to operate, completely non- messy and ideal for last minute dressing up.
  • Epilator use guarantees smooth skin for up to four weeks because the process removes hair from the root contrary to other surface methods of removal like shaving and depilatory creams.
  • Branded epilators are better than waxing because they come with different attachments that are specifically designed to achieve better results for different body parts.
  • Good epilators also have an electric razor attachment that can be used for sensitive areas that cannot be cleaned using tweezing.
  • Epilator is the ideal choice for anyone who has a sensitive skin and cannot go for waxing frequently or at all.
  • Epilating can be done even in the bath with cordless epilators by those with sensitive skin and new inexperienced users.
  • The process of epilation using an electric epilator is suited for any kind of season and makes new hair growth less noticeable. This is because the new hair grows back with softer, narrower tips after epilation.
  • Advanced epilators have massaging rollers to stimulate the skin before the hair removal process and come with pre-epilation wipes to reduce the pain if any.

Epilation certainly more efficient than waxing

Both epilation and waxing are methods that remove hair from the root, but epilators are the latest technological advancement in the field of hair and have certain obvious advantages for the busy modern women.

Epilators are cost-effective unlike waxing which becomes a recurring expenditure and hassle, and can save time as well. Though both waxing and epilating can cause some discomfort, the proficiency to use any of these techniques depends on individual experiences with each technique and a general tolerance level for pain. If used improperly, both waxing and epilating can lead to minor injury and unsatisfactory results.

Epilators are also the preferred choice of urban women on the move because they do not require any water or shaving cream for operating and leave no messy residue on the skin afterward to be cleaned and managed. They can save the last minute trip to a salon and can be conveniently used and carried while travelling.

Waxing is still widely used due to its proven results for a majority of women but epilators are gaining popularity gradually and could soon be the leading method used for hair removal. No single hair removal method can be labelled as THE best for every person, or every type of hair, but there are numerous advantages of using an epilator.

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