How to Prevent Split Ends – 10 Simple Tips for You

If you think that skincare is the toughest job in our daily beauty regimen, you might be getting it wrong. Taking care of your hair can also be one of the most serious beauty tasks, especially when you need to deal with lots and lots of split ends. Sounds similar? We have the best tips for you. Read on to know 10 simple yet powerful split ends-preventing tips:

How to Prevent Split Ends – 10 Simple Tips for You

1. Periodical hair trimming is the first and foremost condition for preventing split ends. No matter how strong the urge of growing out your hair is, you should curb your temptation of not trimming it down. Rather, ‘dusting’ (eliminating the severely damaged ends) the hair every 6 to 8 weeks will save you from split ends and breakage, thereby promoting hair growth significantly.

2. Clean cutting is necessary for the normal growth of healthy hair. So, make sure that you use only high-grade sharp scissors for trimming your split hair ends. Do not use the same scissors for other purposes as it would make them blunt and prevent you from getting a clean break. Always attempt trimming when your hair is dry. Wet trimming can cause too much split ends. Also, run your scissors straight across your hair ends, because angled trims make the ends more vulnerable splits.

3. Do not make a pile of hair on your head while shampooing. Scrubbing and rubbing the locks this way can ruin their ends completely. Rather, apply the shampoo only to the scalp and rinse it away through the hair. You also need to wrap a soft and absorbent towel around your wet hair once you are done with shampooing. Scrubbing the tresses with the towel can damage their ends severely.

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4. Deep condition your hair in order to keep splits at bay. Any effective readymade conditioner is a good choice. But it is even better to use homemade (made with natural kitchen ingredients) deep conditioning hair mask.

5. Do not skip oiling. Shampooing every day can be extremely dangerous for our hair as it strips natural oils from the shafts, thereby making them dry and brittle. Massaging the scalp with a nourishing hair oil can create a strong moisture barrier and provide utmost protection to the locks.

6. If you still believe that brushing your hair 100 times a day can improve its health, you are absolutely wrong. If you overdo combing or brushing, both the roots and the ends of your hair will get damaged fast. Rather, brush your tresses with a boar bristle brush 2 to 3 times a day.

How to Prevent Split Ends – 10 Simple Tips for You

7. Never ever do wet hair with a regular comb or brush as the practice can make it more prone to damage. It is advised that you use a wide tooth comb for detangling your damp hair. Start from the bottom and go upwards gradually as you loosen the knots with your fingers. It will help you maintain the health of your hair ends efficiently.

8. Ditch all your styling tools like blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, and so on for the sake of your hair. The more you opt for heat styling, the worse your tresses become. It has been found that heat can dehydrate our hair strands and make their ends dry as well as easily breakable.

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9. If you can’t stop heat styling, set the temperature of your tools as low as possible before using. Applying products with ‘thermal protection’ qualities will also do. You can even cool your hair down significantly and prevent hair damage by pressing the ‘cool-air’ button of your blow dryer after styling.

10. Stay away from chemical treatments like coloring, bleaching, perming, straightening, etc. The harmful chemicals used in these procedures go deep into the cuticles and make them weaker. It can cause splits not only at your hair ends but also through your hair shafts. 

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