8 Biggest Hair Removal Mistakes You Must Steer Clear of

Hair removal is one of the most common tasks included in our regular beauty routine. But are you doing it right? Well, there are a number of mistakes that you should stay away from while eliminating your body hair through shaving or waxing. Check out the top 8 of them here for avoiding blunders during hair removal:

Hair Removal Mistakes

1. Removing Hair Daily

Hair removal is a very natural solution for your growing body hair. When you shave, you simply do it at the skin level so that the further growth of the hair takes at least 3-4 days. If you start shaving daily, you will end up getting thicker and fuller hair by fueling its growth significantly.

2. Removing Hair against Its Growth

A lot of people consider it no wrong to run the razor in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair. But it can turn out to be one of the biggest hair removal blunders. Removing hair against its growth not only increases the number of ingrown hairs but also causes bumps as well as razor burns.

3. Not Removing Ingrown Hair First

If you do not remove your ingrown hair prior to starting the hair removal, you will never be able to get rid of them. So, make sure that you use a good scrub for rubbing your skin gently and eliminating your ingrown hair. This way, you can put a stop to their growth easily.

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4. Not Exfoliating the Skin Beforehand

Exfoliation before shaving is not only necessary for eliminating ingrown hair but also for removing the layer of dead cells accumulated on the skin. Application of a good quality exfoliating body wash can convert your dry flaky skin into soft and smooth one, which will eventually prevent cuts or scratches during shaving.

Hair Removal Mistakes

5. Going for a Chemical Exfoliation

If you are using certain exfoliating products that consist of chemicals, reconsider it immediately. Chemicals can affect the surface layer of the skin severely and make the cells more prone to damage. Hence, shaving right after the usage of these products can snatch away the top layer of the skin along with the hair.

6. Removing Hair from Dry Skin

Though getting the skin wet can facilitate the process of hair removal by softening the hair, many women simply start removing them when the skin is dry. As the razor can’t glide smoothly over a dry skin, it results into cuts, burns and extreme irritation.

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7. Shaving with Hot or Cold Water

As shaving on dry skin is a common hair removal mistake, you should also not remove hair with very hot or very cold water. A hot water bath can prevent a smooth shave by making the legs a little swelled up and hiding the hair somewhat, while using cold water can lead to improper shaving. So, better use warm water for removing your body hair.

8. Picking an Improper Wax

Choosing a wrong wax can prove to be extremely harmful for your skin. It is always recommended that you identify the nature of your skin first and pick the wax accordingly. Otherwise, you might end up burning your skin terribly.

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