Fairness Cream – How to Know If It is a Safe Bet?

With so many beauty brands launching skin lightening or fairness creams throughout last few years, it can easily be understood how much a fair skin tone appeals us. From so-called rural areas to proper metro cities, the ‘fairness revolution’ has captured the attention of almost each and every part of the world. But is this screaming demand for skin lightening products posing risk to our skin and health? What do they actually contain and how to select them without causing harm to yourself? Let us discover:

Fairness Cream

How Do Fairness Creams Work?

Before digging into the facts that how fairness creams affect us and how we can avoid the adverse effects, let us take a look at how these products actually work. Most of them work in two different ways, which include averting tanning by providing protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun and restraining melanin-producing Tyrosinase by limiting the formation of melanocytes through bleaching ingredients. However, scientists have proved that human complexion is nothing but the result of genetic constitution. Hence, cosmetic products that are aimed at making us fairer can lighten our skin tone only 20% and not more than that.

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How can Fairness Creams Harm You?

A number of studies have shown that continuous usage of fairness creams can affect both our skin as well as health significantly in long run. Usually, they contain anything from simple herbal ingredients to harsh chemical compounds. While natural components are good for our skin, certain chemicals can totally spoil it up. Here is how the active ingredients of fairness creams can ruin your skin:

  • Hydroquinone – It has many adverse effects on our skin including allergic reactions, dizziness, breathing problems, itching, etc.
  • Mercurous Chloride – It can affect both our renal as well as nervous systems and cause serious damages to them.

Fairness Cream

Here are some common side effects of fairness creams that we should not ignore:

  • The elasticity of our skin goes down, which results into thinner skin.
  • It promotes the formation of acne throughout the skin.
  • Our skin becomes highly photosensitive, which gradually leads to rashes, sun burns, eruptions, inflammation, burning sensation, etc.
  • Long-term usage can speed up the process of tanning.
  • Overuse of the products can cause hyperpigmentation, blemishes and dark spots.

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How to Choose Right Fairness Creams?

The beauty industry has no dearth of fairness creams to offer to us. But we need to be careful while picking one from them in order to steer clear of skin as well as health disorders. So, here are the ways to come across the perfect fairness creams for yourself:

  • Always do some research before spending on a fairness cream. Go through the ingredient label first to find out whether the product contains harmful chemicals like mercury, hydroquinone, steroids, retinoic acid, kojic acid, etc. Creams with such bleaching agents should be skipped at any cost.
  • Try to hit upon fairness creams with herbal or natural ingredients, such as shea butter, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, pure honey, licorice, etc. These would lighten your skin tone without adverse effects and you will get a healthy and bright skin naturally.

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