Get Soft And Beautiful Hands Naturally! Your Daily Hand Care Routine Is Here

Which part of our body gets the maximum attention right after our face? Yes, the hands! However, the irony is that they are also one of the most neglected areas of our body. Just ask yourself, do you really care for them as much as you use them? The answer will definitely be a big ‘NO’. So, it is time to show some extra love to that heavy-duty organ and make them look pretty and young. Today, let us talk about how to get soft and beautiful hands at home.


Daily Regimen To Get Soft And Beautiful Hands

Your hands do so much for you. Can’t you spend just ten minutes every day to care for them? You can actually follow some very simple steps to get soft and beautiful hands at home. In fact, there is no need for visiting the salon for getting a manicure done all the time. Then, why wait till your hands start showing signs of lack of attention? Start following your daily hand care regimen right from today. Here we tell you how:

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1. Clean And Wash Hands Thoroughly

Sounds quite easy, right? After all, we all tend to wash our hands many times a day. But here comes the importance of following the right method of cleaning and washing. Use a good handwash and be as thorough as possible. Make sure that the handwash you use multiple times throughout the day is a mild and gentle one. It is even better to find a hydrating formula infused with herbal ingredients so that it does not strip the natural moisture of your skin. Using too hot water can also dry out your skin. So, always use tepid water while washing your hands.

2. Try The One-Minute Magic Scrub 

Your hand has a lot of dead skin cells just like your face and they also need to be exfoliated regularly. For this, you can either use a good store-bought body scrub or simply make your own natural version at home. Take a tsp. of sugar crystals, half a tsp. of olive oil. and half a tsp. of lemon juice onto your palm, mix them well and smooth it out on both of your hands. Focus on the backsides of palms as well as the elbows. Rub in circular motions for a minute and wash the scrub off. Pat dry with a soft towel. In this mixture, sugar acts as the scrubbing agent, olive oil moisturizes the skin, and lemon juice lightens its tone. Thus, doing this at least twice a week can give you softer and lighter hands.

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3. Moisturize With A Hand Cream 

Be it washing or scrubbing, follow it up with a generous dose of moisturization every day. A light yet super hydrating hand cream will give you the best results. However, do not use the cream when you still have your chores pending. Once you wrap up with all the work, apply the hand cream all over your hands and massage it into them nicely. Make sure that you rub the fingers and the cuticles as well and let the hands rest for half an hour. This will hydrate the skin by inducing enough moisture into it, thereby neutralizing the effects of hard work from your hands.

4. Soften And Lighten Weekly

If you want to give your hands a smooth, even-toned, and totally rejuvenated look, give it a salon-like manicure treatment at home. Start by dipping your hands into a cup of lukewarm water infused with a mild shampoo and some olive oil at least for 10 minutes. Use a soft brush to remove any dirt accumulated in your nails. Also, trim and shape them up as per your preference. Then, make a natural lightening hand mask by mixing 1 tsp. of honey, 1 tsp. of lemon juice, and 2 tsps. of baking soda together. Apply this paste all over your hands with the help of a lemon-half and scrub well in small circular motions. Rinse thoroughly after 2 minutes. Keep doing it once every week and your hands will become softer, lighter, and brighter in no time.

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Nails become brittle due to the lack of calcium and the nail beds can get ridged if there is an absence of vitamin B. So, consume a well-balanced diet to keep your nails beautiful.

5. Focus On Nighttime Renewal

It is only during the night when your hands get complete rest as you sleep. So, every night before going to bed, wash your hands well and slather a good hand cream or petroleum jelly on them. Do not skip your fingers and pull each of them gently as you massage it. Rub some cream on the nails and cuticles too. Finally, rub your palms together to improve circulation and massage until the cream is absorbed well. The cream will help in rejuvenating your skin in the night and will keep your hands baby soft despite all the work done through the day. It will also help your nails grow better.

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Other Things To Remember

While taking care of hands is essential to make them beautiful, there are also some precautions that can be taken to prevent their condition from getting worse. Here is what you need to know:

  1. If you have a sensitive skin, it is advisable that you wear gloves while doing the dishes or other cleaning jobs at home.
  2. Never forget to apply sunscreen all over the open parts of your hands.
  3. If you have the issue of chronic dryness of skin, always keep a hand cream or petroleum jelly handy. Also, wear gloves at night after applying the hand cream.
  4. Include nutritious food in your diet so that your skin gets vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in adequate amounts.

It does not even take ten minutes of your time each day to show some tender care to your hands. So, show them some love and turn them soft and beautiful.

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