Proven Home Remedies To Stop Your Period Naturally!

Periods are a biological phenomenon which is extremely crucial in women from health and reproduction point of view. No wonder it is an essential course that a woman needs every month, but when it clashes with important events, occasions or meetings; it surely get on to their nerves. Many a times the scenario in office, board meetings and family gatherings get awkward and often leads to period-shaming. Using sanitary pads and being extra cautious all the time leads to frustration and distress in her. All this makes the women feel like putting an end to the periods for a while. So, all those who wish to take a break from this monthly occurrence can look upto these home remedies.

What is menstruation?

Menstruation happens in women who are of reproductive age (including girls and women between 14 to 45 years of age). When the uterus lining inside their womb breaks, it causes the blood to shed out. It is a routine process where the body is prepared for pregnancy every month. But when the egg doesn’t fertilize from male’s sperms, the thick lining in uterus made of tissues, blood and nutrients breaks down and flows out of body through vagina. So, in simple words, the uterus lining which is required for pregnancy ruptures every month and the flowing of blood from uterus to vagina is actually called menstruation.

Proven Home Remedies To Stop Your Period Naturally

Internal and external causes that disrupt periods

Periods do happen on regular basis but due to internal changes in the body; at times women might face an irregular cycle. There are hormones in the body that actually manages the menstruation cycle. The rise or fall of the hormones might lead to delay, stop or trigger the periods.

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However, there are external factors as well which influences the flow of blood. Periods can be affected by reasons as simple as moving to a new place, change in blood circulation, diet change, intake of spicy food, stress, hormonal changes etc.

Problems and concerns related to periods

Even though periods are essential, women may want to skip it due to heavy bleeding, throbbing pain in abdomen, uneasiness and awkwardness. Due to hormonal imbalance many women faces anxiousness, mood swings, irritation and anger too. Another important reason why they might want to turn their dates off is the embarrassment they have to face during their office hours, travelling, religious gatherings etc.

Easy and effective home remedies to hold back periods

There are certain safe and natural remedies that can help you turn off your dates without any harmful effects on your body.

1. Apple cider vinegar

ACV seems to be the health elixir for all the problems these days. Yes, the super-effective apple cider vinegar can promise you an end to your date if consumed in a right manner. Did you ever think that ACV can do a lot more wonders than just beautifying? Mix a spoon of apple cider with 150 ml of lukewarm water in a glass or jar. Consume this and repeat on a regular basis. It will not only suppress your dates but also be effective for your overall health and weight management.

Apple cider vinegar

2. Papaya

Papaya works remarkably on your uterine to discontinue the flow of blood. The carotene present in the fruit works as a great remedy to enhance the estrogen level of hormones in your body. This is also the reason why pregnant ladies are asked to steer clear of papayas. But since you want your dates to push away further, you can definitely have papayas.

3. Healthy food

Believe us! Food can do a lot when it comes to altering your period dates. It is said that food rich in water, fiber and healthy nutrients are a good way to postpone your menstruation cycle. On the other hand hot, peppery and spicy food can get your dates early. So, considering the outcomes, it is always recommended to shun spicy food in case you want to prevent your dates.

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4. Exercises

Suppressing the menstruation in your body can be well influenced by your lifestyle and exercising habits. A heavy work out session might signal your brain to hold back the periods. It is said that an intense exercise regime puts a stress in your body to act differently and that might suppress the periods for a while.

5. Pulses/Lentils

Pulses are quite traditional when it comes to derailing your chumming days naturally. Common Indian household item, pulses not only helps in holding up your periods but also helps in fighting those cramps. High in proteins, minerals, potassium and fiber, pulses disrupt the menstruation and is an effective remedy to fix other menstruation problems. Add lukewarm water to some powdered gram lentils. Mix well so that there are no lumps. You may add vegetables and herbs and have it like a soup.

6. Gelatin

Gelatin is one of the main ingredients as per Chinese to subdue your dates. This Chinese technique can prevent the dates successfully for a couple of hours to even a week. During emergencies this remedy would appear like a boon to fulfill your expectations. Gelatin has the property to slow down the menstruation and hence suspending your dates for some time. Tear a packet of gelatin and pour it in water. Mix and shake it well and have it around 2 times a day. This is really helpful in showing the red flag to your periods.

7. Lime juice

One of the most yummy and healthy ways to deal with your dates is lemon. Lemons can highly disrupt your periods as it is loaded with acidic properties and vitamins which affect the flow of blood. It is said that it also makes the flow lighter and helps in other issues related to menstruation. Extract juice out of a lemon and mix it with lukewarm water to make a solution. Keep having it for atleast a couple of days before you expect your date for positive result.

Lime juice

8. Parsley leaves

When it is about suppressing your dates, perhaps, nothing would work as great as parsley leaves. Herbal properties of parsley check the hormone balance in the body and smashes up the menstruation course happening in the body. Take a few parsley leaves and put it to boil until the water quantity becomes half. Cool it and consume it around 2 times in a day in order to achieve late periods. Vitamin B12, A, K and C available in parsley herb helps flush out waste and water from your body.

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9. Uterus massage

Since ages, the healing uterus massage has been used in India for curtailing the menstruation dates. The hot oil massage on the abdominal region is very beneficial in holding the periods if done right. You simply don’t have to look beyond this massage therapy if you are in need to alter your period cycle. Take almond, olive or coconut oil and gently massage your pelvic and abdomen area well to influence your menstrual cycle. It might also relief you from the pre-menstruation pain and cramps.

So, ignore the over-the-counter medicines to turn off your chumming days and instead try to suppress it with these simple home remedies. Though all of these cures are relatively natural and effective; but like any other treatments these too might not be completely risk-free. So, consulting your doctor is a must for the possible outcomes. Kindly note, that delaying your dates is not a permanent but just a tentative solution to stay away from the inconvenience so don’t make it a rule.

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