The Secrets To A Perfect Salon-Like Silky Blowout Are Revealed!

Giving yourself a perfect silky blowout at home that can compete with a pricey salon treatment might sound impossible. But trust me, it is super easy! All you need to know is some expert tips and tricks for taming frizz. So, here we present the step by step procedure advised by professionals for your convenience. Check out the steps to master a bombshell blowout without visiting a salon:

Silky Blowout

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DIY Salon-Like Silky Blowout At Home

  1. Deep Cleanse Your Hair

A mind-blowing blowout starts with squeaky clean hair. Deep cleanse your hair by washing it twice – with a good clarifying shampoo followed by a hydrating shampoo. Use of a clarifying shampoo is necessary to clarify your scalp by removing deposits of dirt, dust, excess oil, dead cells, and product buildups. As you get the gunk out, your hair gets a completely fresh start. However, it will dry out your scalp and hair fibres to some extent, which needs to be rehydrated with a good moisturizing shampoo. The whole step is essential to make your blowout last longer.

  1. Condition Intensively

While shampooing the hair is vital, pampering it with an intensive conditioning treatment afterwards is even more important. You can either stick to your favorite conditioner or try a homemade deep conditioning mask. If you are using a synthetic conditioner, skip the roots and apply it only to the ends starting from the mid-shafts. The right conditioning treatment will make your hair light, smooth and bouncy.

  1. Prepare Your Hair

Now, it is time to prepare your mane for the amazing blowout. Needless to say, you have to put right efforts to hit your goals and get the perfect outcomes. Hence, apply an efficient heat protectant hairspray all over your hair before you blow dry it. This will ensure that you do not end up damaging your locks while going through the heat treatments.

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  1. Pick Suitable Products

When it comes to styling your hair, choosing the right styling products becomes indispensable. Do not compromise with the quality of your styling aids and pick them wisely. It is even better to consider the type of your hair and find suitable products accordingly. There are thickening hair sprays to give a better hold and lots of volume to fine and very fine hair, defrizz or anti-frizz products to hydrate and smoothen out curly and frizzy tresses, extremely nourishing creams or balms for the highly damaged mane, and so on. You just need to do your own research and take a wise decision.

Silky Blowout

  1. Keep Tools Handy

After styling products, start your hunt for appropriate styling tools. Start with a high-quality hair dryer that comes with an exclusive feature of infusing moisture into your locks. It should also come with at least three heat settings as well as three different styling attachments. This will help a lot in turning your hair silky and shiny as you blow dry it. You also cannot ignore the presence of a hair brush in your toolkit that will tame the frizzes, make your hair silky smooth, and maintain its shine for long, especially when you are prepping for a silky blowout. Therefore, make sure that you have got either a round, boar bristle hair brush or an ionic brush.

  1. Go For A Quick Session

Do not give your mane a full-fledged blowout right at first. Rather, go for a quick high session that might be named as a ‘dirty blow-dry session’. Simply run your finger through your hair, flip it fast to make the upside down, and blow dry it thoroughly from the roots to the tips. As the hair is turned over in the direction opposite to how it is normally worn, it gets tons of volume easily. Moreover, this step will eliminate most of the moisture from the locks.

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  1. Blow It Out Like A Pro

Here is the most important step and you must know the right technique to master it. Start with splitting your hair into four or more small sections. Take one section in between your fingers, grip it with the round brush, and pull it tight. Meanwhile, turn your hair dryer on and set the nozzle to make your styling more precise. The heat should be set at maximum in order to dry your hair completely. Now, blow-dry the section of hair thoroughly by pulling its underside down so that the airflow goes downward. Repeat it for all other sections. Even a little moisture can ruin your blowout. Once all the sections are blown out properly, give your hair a blast of cold air and seal the deal!

Silky Blowout

  1. Lock In The Style

As you are done with your blowout, give it a silky smooth finish and tame all those stray strands by applying a generous amount of serum. This will also add an attractive shine to your locks. If your hair is on the thinner side, use a texturizing hair spray at this step to make it look voluminous.

So, isn’t it damn easy to give your hair just the perfect silky blowout?

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