10 Beautiful Afro Hairstyles for Women

‘Afro hair’ – what does it mean to you? Natural curls with thick and frizzy texture, right? Well, such a distinct type of hair might sound totally unmanageable, but it does not stop African beauties to sport unique hairdos. Afro hairstyles are considered as one of the most innovative hairstyles practiced around the world. Want to have a glimpse of those exclusively funky haircuts that position Africa in the list of the countries with most gorgeous women? Here are top 10 of them:

1. Bushy Bob

A bob looks great on the bushy hair of Africans. The secret behind this is their beautiful natural curls. All they need to do is to cut their locks in ‘U’-shape and opt for a side parting.

Bushy Bob

2. Braided Ponytail

This is a wonderful combination of two simple hairstyles – braids and pony. Braids are made with the hair present at both sides of the head and rest is tied into a high raise pony tail. A nice way to tame the unruly hair, isn’t it?

Braided Ponytail

3. Stylish Fringes

From hiding a wide temple to giving a modish look, a fringe can truly play multiple roles. As African beauties have broad foreheads, stylish fringes can give them a narrower look while drawing attention to their dark glowing skin.

Stylish Fringes

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4. Braided Bun

Here is another beautiful combo hairstyle in which the hair is first braided and then tied into a bun. There must be 21 or more braids all over the head and one needs to spend at least five hours for getting the best look.

Braided Bun

5. Grungy Dreadlocks

In Africa, dreadlocks or ‘matted coils of hair’ are regarded as highly fashionable. The tip of each lock should be done and the entire hairstyle should be maintained properly. Or else, you will end up messing up everything.

Grungy Dreadlocks

6. Braided Bouffant

This Afro hairdo is mainly popular among the tribes. The hair is styled up in a bouffant by making several neat and clean braids. However, no pin or clip is used in this hairstyle for keeping the bouffant in place.

Braided Bouffant

7. Bee Hive

The more curly and frizzy the hair is, the funkier this style will be. As the name suggests, it looks similar to an original bee hive. The hair needs to be rolled up right from the roots and pulled over the head. Finally, a nice clip should be used for holding the entire tresses.

Bee Hive

8. Unique Coils

African women having cool boy cut hair can opt for this unusual style. There is no need of parting the hair. Rather, take a few loose hair strands and curl them up together. Repeat this for all your tresses and complete the look.

Unique Coils

9. Mohawk or Mohican

Even though Mohawk is known to be a male hairstyle, African beauties with cropped hair also love to give it a try. It is extremely smart, trendy and easy to manage.

Mohawk or Mohican

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10. Side-Shaved Hair

Shaving both sides of the head has become the latest style among African women. For a twist in your look, team it up with upside curls.

Side-Shaved Hair

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