5 Easy but Effective Home Remedies to Treat Boils

Whenever there is a bacterial infection in the hair follicle on the skin, it normally comes out in the form of a boil. So in a way, the boil is the body’s way of expelling the toxin from the skin infection. They appear as sticky pus filled bumps on the skin, normally red in colour. The boils tend to itch and irritate the area around it. They appear on the face, hands and the back. The liquid inside is contagious and should not be meddled with. So first thing when you have a boil is to refrain from touching it or trying to break it open.

Here are some home remedies you can try on the boils to reduce their intensity and to remove them. Most of the remedies use antibacterial or antiseptic ingredients that are topically applied on the boil to reduce the infection. Clean your hands well before trying any of the remedies. Be gentle around the boil and do not put force and break it in the process.

1. Neem Leaves 

neem leaves

Neem leaves are known for their antiseptic properties. Neem leaves are used to reduce more severe conditions like chicken pox too. Simply grind a handful of neem leaves to a paste and apply it on the boil directly and allow it to dry. Alternatively, you can boil some neem leaves in water, reducing the quantity to half. Splash your face with this water once in 2-3 hours.

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2. Cumin Paste

 cumin seeds

Cumin is a natural coolant. Drinking cumin water reduced any stomach irritation. Same way, cumin paste also reduces the irritation on a boil. Soak a tsp of cumin seeds in some water for half an hour. Grind it into a thick paste. Apply this paste on the boil and leave it to dry.

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3. Onion and Garlic

Both onion and garlic are extremely helpful in the treatment of boils- they are antimicrobial and their pungency draws the “heat” out of the boil. Make a paste of half an onion with two pods of garlic. Extract the juice from this paste and apply it every three hours on a boil.

4. Turmeric


 Turmeric has both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Make a paste of turmeric with some raw milk and apply it on the boil. For best results, leave it on the skin overnight. Repeat the application every time the paste dries out and falls off from the skin. Drinking turmeric milk can also be helpful since it purifies the blood and also helps the body in fighting any infections.

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5. Tea tree oil


Tea tree oil is known to fight a host of skin conditions because it is antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic. Also, no remedy is as simple as using tea tree oil, because all you have to do is to apply a drop of the oil directly on the skin and leave it on to work its magic. Repeated use will show a marginal reduction in the size of the boil.

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