Honey and lemon juice for weight loss

Lemon juice is arguably one of the best sources of Vitamin C. Not just Vitamin C, it is also rich in Vitamin B, calcium and phosphorous. Lemon helps in improving metabolism and promotes weight loss. In combination with honey, you can make a doubly effective mixture that will help making weight loss an easier process. But honey is sweet and sweet foods are not exactly associated with weight loss, you may say. Well, honey is mainly composed of fructose and glucose which comes from natural sources. It is also rich in amino acids. Also, its glycaemic index is healthier than sugar, which means that honey is broken down gradually and consumed completely by the body.

Honey and lemon juice for weight loss

So how do honey and lemon juice help?

Honey, despite being a sweet food, is good for weight loss. When used as a sweetener, the amount of honey that needs to be used in comparison to sugar is lesser. This means, you are already consuming lesser calories.

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Though honey in the juice adds some calories to it, it also ensures that it boosts your carbohydrate and fat metabolism. This way, it is a win-win – a great tasting drink that also helps you break down the carbohydrates and fat in the body.

Honey also is known to mobilize the extra fat in the body and break it down to be used for energy.

Before you start your workout, drinking lemon juice infused with honey will give you the stamina to go through your workout and keep your energy levels sustained. It is also great as an after workout drink.

Lemon in the juice will help curb hunger and also improve digestion because of the pectin present in it. The enzymes in the lemon juice help improve metabolism.

Lemon juice also cleanses the liver and promotes the formation of digestive juices, thereby speeding up metabolism. It flushes out toxins from the body and also any excess retained water. So if this is the first thing that you drink in the morning, it will help you cleanse your system, day after day.

How to make the honey lemon water?

For one glass of juice, boil a glass of water until it is lukewarm. Make sure that it does not start bubbling. In a glass, squeeze the juice of half a lemon and add a teaspoon of honey to it. Now pour the warm water into this mixture and stir well. Your honey-lemon juice is ready for consumption. Drink this on empty stomach, before your daily exercise. It certainly will be a great start for the day! Also, when you make such a good start to the day, it will also influence other food choices that you make as you go along. When your body responds well to lighter-healthier food, you will be prompted to include more of these in your diet. And it will go a long way in helping you lose weight. But remember, simply drinking honey-lemon juice and eating well is not sufficient. Follow it up with some exercise- a walk, some jogging or some yoga and say hello to a fitter you.

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