Get Rid Of Melia Easily

Melia is a condition that most of us are aware about, simply because it is quite common condition. Melia can affect a person in any age, right from infant to age old people.


What is melia?

Melia is basically a small blister like lumps that is formed on the skin. These lumps are found in all age groups regardless of sex, age or race. At times these small protrusions are found on the face of the infant too however those are temporary and they will disappear after a few weeks. If it occurs on adults it might stay for a longer time. Melia in adults is most often spotted under the eyes. The melia occurs in the face also, it can be mistaken for acne but it is just a resemblance. They are actually dead skin cells which are trapped in the pockets near the skin’s surface, keratinize and it turns out to be hard somewhat like a tiny seed. The difference between melia and acne is that the melia does not pop up from pore which means it cannot be popped out or squeezed out.

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Reason behind the cause of melia

Following are the causes of adult melia:

The causes really are not established until now however the suspected causes are,

  • Usage of sunscreens
  • Trauma to sweat ducts
  • Topical corticosteroid use
  • Radiotherapy (radiation)
  • Genodermatosis

These are supposedly the reason that could cause melia however there are no proper evidences to theoretically prove it. The melia is a condition that has not been studied as the condition does not cause any harm or inconvenience to the person. The condition apparently occurs due to the lack of exfoliation of the skin due to which the dead skin cells gets clogged in the skin pores which forms melia.

How do we eliminate the melia?

Exfoliate: Exfoliate the skin on a regular basis
Sunscreen: Avoid the usage of sunscreen; at least reduce the excessive usage.
Avoid heavy food: Reduce high cholesterol food as this too can contribute towards the formation of melia.
Hygiene: Take bath frequently, keep yourself clean and hygienic.
Cosmetics: Avoid using too much cosmetic products on the face.
Sunlight: Feed your skin with moderate sunlight regularly.
Vitamin D: Avoid consuming Vitamin D supplements.
Extract the melia professionally: Take appointment with a dermatologist and allow them to take care of the melia through extraction or surgery.
Peel it away: Microdermabrasion is another solution to get rid of melia.  Periodic treatment of microdermabrasion will help in getting rid of the melia. Use light eye care products under and around the eye. Products like concealer, sunscreens and heavy moisturizers help in the occurrence of melia.
Cleanser: Use deep cleansers on your skin.
Face Mask: Use gentle mask on the skin that works on eliminating the impurities present in the skin.
Chemical peels: Chemical peels are also good options for eliminating melia. Through this procedure, acid helps in peeling off the eruptions on the skin slowly and it will help in eliminating the melia too. Apart from that purchase sunscreens that will offer physical sun blockage which will encompass active ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium oxide.

Prevention is better than cure

Preventing melia is much easier than eliminating it. So take care of the skin well by exfoliating it regularly. People do try to get rid of the melia at home by pricking needles however since they occur in such a sensitive area like around the eyes, it is not recommended to try that. Do not try it unless you are extremely certain about succeeding in it. Before doing make sure the melia is not hard, if it is then do not attempt to do anything until you consult a dermatologist.

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