Coloressence Pre Make Up Base Review

Primers are really essential for makeup-addicts. A primer prepares your skin for makeup, makes skin smooth, minimizes pore, fine lines and also hides imperfections. A primer also increases staying power of foundation and makeup. Basically a primer makes your skin makeup-ready. For daily basis, I use primer and top it up with bb cream; it makes my skin fresh throughout the day. Since I use primer on a daily basis, I was looking for a cheap alternative. During my visit to the regular makeup shop, I saw this pre makeup base from coloressence. Let’s see how it worked for me.

Coloressence Pre Make Up Base Review

Price: Rs. 500 for 20 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

My Take on Coloressence Pre Make Up Base:

Before starting the review let me tell you about my skin type. I have combination skin – whitehead prone skin; my t-zone is extremely oily. I do have open pores on my nose and around my chin area. I use primer so that foundation can stay longer on my combination skin and to reduce the appurtenance of pore size.

Coloressence Pre Make up Base comes in a tiny see-through plastic tube packaging and has a screw lid on top. The clear packaging allows you to see the product so that you can know how much product is left. The packaging is cute, travel friendly and it fits in my handbag perfectly. The texture of the primer is like gel and it feels extremely light on skin. The primer is colorless and it goes smoothly on my skin. The primer doesn’t have a fragrance so it will not bother people with sensitive nose. You just need a tiny amount for application. After applying it, my skin feels silky smooth. I think it contains silicones in it but since the complete ingredient list is not mentioned I’m not too sure about it. My foundation glides effortlessly and it gives an airbrushed finish.

Coloressence Pre Make Up Base Review

It mattify’s my oily skin well and keeps it away for around 4 hours. If you stay in an air-conditioned environment then the oil control will be for longer time. It makes my makeup last longer and also keeps it fresh entire day. I have used this primer under liquid foundation, bb cream and tinted powders… and all of them have lasted really well. I have combination skin due to which some foundations settles in my pore but this primer doesn’t allow my foundation to settle in the pore. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and also fills pore but doesn’t give a pore-less finish. It didn’t worked wonders on my pores but I’m still happy with the results.

Why I like Coloressence Pre Make up Base:

  • The cheapest primer available in the market
  • Tube packaging is hygienic and travel friendly
  • Product is visible from the transparent packaging
  • Fragrance-free and color-free
  • Gel like texture will suit all skin types
  • Feels light on skin
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Makes skin silky smooth so that foundation glides effortlessly
  • Gets absorbed easily on my face
  • Smoothens out uneven texture
  • Foundation wear is prolonged after using it
  • Reduces pore size
  • Pea size amount is enough for face and neck
  • Dint break me out
  • The product in the tube would last for 3-4 months

Why I hate Coloressence Pre Make up Base:

  • Quantity is less compared to the price
  • Doesn’t brighten up skin
  • Doesn’t give a pore-less finish
  • Ingredient list is missing

Rating: 4.5/5

Final Verdict: Coloressence Pre Make up Base smoothens out skin, reduces fine lines, makes foundation glides effortlessly and also increases staying power of foundations. The price is affordable and one tube will last for around 4 months when used daily. Though the pore-less finish is not very visible but other than this the primer does everything it should do and I am really happy with the results.

Mansi Chauhan

Mansi Chauhan is an engineering student. She is passionate about makeup and loves purchasing loads of beauty products. Besides writing & reviewing beauty products, she loves photography & reading novels.

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