Review: INCOLOR Cosmetics Lipstick In Pecan For Your Beautiful Lips

Women and lip colors are totally inseparable. Most of us are ready to skip other cosmetics but cannot step outside without adding a hint of color to our lips. It is kind of a nightmare for me too. So, I keep exploring new and affordable makeup items that can make my lips look awesome. This INCOLOR Cosmetics lipstick in pecan is one of such budget buys that I’ve been using lately. So, I thought of giving you some insight on what I knew about the products from this brand. Let’s get started.

INCOLOR Cosmetics lipstick in Pecan

About The Brand ‘INCOLOR Cosmetics

INCOLOR Cosmetics is a new brand and mostly we don’t find much information about it. I never saw this brand on counters but it is available online easily. However, it is affordable and comes in a good range of colors too. Before getting into the details of the review of the lipstick, let us have a look at the details of the brand itself (in its own words).

INCOLOR, the company for women, is a leading global beauty company. It was founded in 2009. Incolor is a global color cosmetics products company whose vision is Glamour, Excitement, and Innovation through high-quality products at affordable prices. Our mission is to create a world with more empowered women because empowered women bring more beauty to the world. The products are available across PAN India. Our products have international formulations and packaging with the premium appeal and high level of research to ensure that the products stand the test of quality and consistency.”

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About INCOLOR Cosmetics Lipstick In Pecan

Now, it is time to look into the product. INCOLOR Cosmetics Lipstick is a regular lip makeup product available in the traditional ‘stick’ form. I collected the shade no. 804 called ‘Pecan’ and here are the details of it:

  • Net Vol.: 3.8 gm.
  • Price: Rs. 225
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Availability: Mostly online

INCOLOR Cosmetics lipstick in Pecan


INCOLOR Cosmetics Lipstick does not have any mention of ingredients on its packaging, which is certainly not expected. As you do not get an idea of what you are going to put on your lips, you might feel skeptical about using it.


Just like all other regular lipsticks, the INCOLOR Cosmetics lipstick in Pecan comes in a long, cylindrical case. The case is really slim and it fits in a small pouch easily. The case body is totally made of metal so there is no way that you can see the shade of the lipstick from outside. The packaging has a deep maroon color with beautiful prints and the name of the brand embossed on it. The color of the case is the same for all the shades. The name and number of the shade are written at the bottom of the lipstick case.

INCOLOR Cosmetics lipstick in Pecan

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What The Product Claims:

Before you go through my own experience about INCOLOR Cosmetics Lipstick in Pecan, take a look at what the product itself claims to offer to you:

  • Spreads evenly on your lips
  • Ensures the goodness of silk with a creamy texture
  • Helps you sense the blissful softness on your lips
  • Use to get soft and hydrated lips
  • Gives a fine finish to your lips

What The Product Offers:

Now, here is what the INCOLOR Cosmetics Lipstick in Pecan actually has to offer. I’ve been using it since last few months consistently and I must say that I’m yet to fall in love with it. Here is why:

The color of the lipstick is ‘pecan’, which is a brownish maroon shade. Though it has a red undertone, that is not much visible. But surprisingly, the color comes out too pigmented, which I did not like much. It turned out too dark for my skin tone. However, I picked this color to try out something new. So that is fine. But as it comes in more shades, you can always choose the color that best suits your needs. It is a good choice for girls with a sensitive nose as it does not come with any uncomforting smell.

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The lipstick is not smooth at all. I did not like its texture even a single bit. While most lipsticks glide over the delicate skin of the lips easily, it feels a bit rough and needs to be pressed over the lips. You must have super moisturized lips for using this lipstick smoothly. I need to slather my lip balm on my lips before using it every time. Conversely, the lipstick gives a matte look, which is cool. I think it might even look better if combined with other colors.

As per coverage, the lipstick is really good. As it comes with good pigmentation and has a darker shade, it colors the lip very nicely. In terms of staying power also the lipstick qualified well. It stayed on me for 5 hours with a single swipe, which is impressive. If applied with double swipes, the color stays even longer. Though the staying power is not at all an issue, the lipstick tends to dry out my lips and settle in fine lines. Being a matte-finish product, it becomes even more drying sometimes, which gives really awkward looks. So, I don’t prefer to wear this lipstick for a longer period of time.

INCOLOR Cosmetics lipstick in Pecan

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Directions For Use:

Start applying from the center of the lips. For a more defined look, use a lip liner of the same color. Layer more for more coverage.


  • Good pigmentation
  • Doesn’t smell bad
  • Gives good coverage
  • Matte finish
  • Great staying power
  • Travel-friendly packaging


  • Does not glide easily over lips
  • Too drying
  • Flakes a lot
  • Settles in fine lines
  • Too dark shade for my skin tone
  • No mention of ingredients



Final Verdict:

This lipstick needs very moisturized lips. It’s affordable and gives a super matte finish. You need to be very careful about the shade you choose. You can give it a try once or you can skip it. Nothing great about this product.

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Sharvari is an engineering student. She believes that everyone is beautiful and everyone has the right to feel beautiful.

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