Top 10 Indian Fashion Magazines You Should Read

Fashion magazines are more than just fashion. They cover a wide range of topics like travel, relationship, sex, lifestyle and more. Here is the list of top 10 Indian Fashion Magazines that every fashion-forward woman in India must read.

Savvy: Fashion is of course what you get in this magazine. However, it also tries to uplift the overall well-being of women by empowering them with global knowledge. This magazine can completely reshape a woman’s life provided she is willing to.

Savvy  Magazine

Harper’s Bazaar: This fashion magazine is American by nature but addresses the fashion needs of Indian divas too! It provides the views of creative people belonging to the classes of writers, photographers, artists and designers who provide their expert view on fashion. The magazine addresses upper class and upper middle class women.

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Vogue: Considered to be the best in India, this magazine concentrates on all fashion needs of Indian women like accessories, new fashion, new trends, style and every aspect of fashion.

Vogue Magazine

New Woman: With Hema Malini as its editor, New Woman is about women health and issues, entertainment and fashion.

New Woman Magazines

Cosmopolitan: Though available in India, Cosmopolitan is an international fashion magazine since 1886 and concentrates on trends, clothes, celebrity styles, relationship, health, sex and self-improvement.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Verve: It is an international magazine with its editor being an Indian woman, Anuradha Mahindra. It is about fashion and travelogue and even covers Bollywood.

Verve Magazine

Marie Claire: Since its first publication in France, Marie Claire puts its focus on beauty and fashion while addressing different issues faced by women worldwide.

Marie Claire Magazine

Women’s Era: This fashion magazine is known for covering the life time of a woman and in doing so, covers all aspects of a woman’s life including fashion, cookery, entertainment, poetry and more. The magazine was first published in 1973.

Women’s Era Magazine

Elle: Elle is the French word for ‘She’. This is an international magazine that came to existence in 1945. The magazine was co-founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife. It is the bestselling magazine in world covering fashion, entertainment, health and beauty.

Elle Magazine

Femina: Published for the first time in 1959, Femina is mostly run by women and it covers fashion, fitness, health, beauty, cuisine and relationships.

Femina Magazine


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