Learn How To Apply Cream Blush Flawlessly To Rock The Rosy Look

Most of us are scared of using cream blush as we believe that our skin will not play well along with it. But when applied the right way, cream blush can turn out to be your best friend by giving you a glowy and flushed face. It suits all types of skin and blends into the skin seamlessly without highlighting dry patches or melting off. Moreover, it is much easier to use than powder blush and can improve your makeup game remarkably. So, instead of shying away from it, just go for it and enjoy the natural-looking flush on your cheeks. Here is how to apply cream blush to look dewy and luminous:

How To Apply Cream Blush Flawlessly

How To Apply Cream Blush

There are quite a few ways to apply cream blush and each of them gives superb results. Here are the details:

1. By Using Fingertips

The easiest as well as the most popular method of applying cream blush is to use the tips of the index finger and the middle finger simultaneously. Pick a little blush with these fingertips and apply it to the apples of your cheeks while making a smiling face. Blend it back towards the hairline by using tapping motions unless and until it gets absorbed into the skin completely.

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2. By Using Q-Tip

This process is similar to the previous one to some extent. The only difference is that you have to pick the blush by using a Q-tip. Dab the Q-tip at 3 to 4 spots on your cheekbones so that you get a few dots of blush. Blend it carefully with the tips of your index finger and middle finger. Move towards the temple and spread evenly.

3. By Using Regular Blush Brush

A regular blush brush is always a good choice for applying the cream blush perfectly. All you need to do is pat the brush into the palette and apply the product on your cheekbones gently. Make sure that you take only a little amount of blush and move the brush in an upward direction. Try to use a medium-sized brush for getting the best look.

Cream Blush

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4. By Using Highlighter Brush

A cheek highlighter brush also works great for cream blush application. It can be obtained in a number of styles and sizes. But all of them have a soft, flat, and smooth top section to apply the blush onto the cheekbones in short strokes. You need to start with a smiling face and put the blush on the apples of your cheeks as well as the cheekbones followed by a backward blend. However, the flat upper end of this type of brush makes it tough to pick the required amount of blush and we often end up putting too much product. So, be careful about it.

5. By Using Stippling Brush

A synthetic stippling brush is a two-toned brush applicator, which has a black denser bottom section of natural hair and a white floppier upper section of synthetic hair. It gives an awesome airbrush-effect by pushing the cream blush flawlessly into your skin. When you stipple the brush on the product, the white hairs pick a very little amount of it, which can then be blended with the black hairs by pressing the brush a bit more.

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Tips And Tricks To Follow

No matter what your skin type is, you can make cream blush your best friend just by using a few foolproof tips and tricks. Here is what you must know for getting the best wear:

  • When it comes to applying cream blush, fingers are always the best tool to use as they offer seamless blending without causing the product to cling to dry patches. However, make sure that your fingers are clean before applying the blush.
  • If you are unable to blend harsh edges with your fingers, simply use a makeup sponge to blend it out. Put the blush directly onto the sponge before application or use it just for blending after using fingers – the outcomes will be great always!
  • The less is always more in case of cream blush. However,  you may still end up picking too much product at once. So, always start with a little bit of product and build up slowly.

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  • If you want to get the most saturated color, start applying the blush right from the apples of your cheeks. Then, keep blending it down towards the jaw line until you get the desired look.
  • Wipe away the unused blush stuck to your fingers in order to avoid any mess. Make use of a clean sponge to pick up the excess blush from your cheeks and get an absolutely rosy look.
  • Use powder foundation to set your cream blush properly. Apply the blush using a little heavier hand and then,  apply the foundation over it.
  • Lock the color of your cream blush into place by layering it with a corresponding powder blush. This way, oily-skinned people can prevent it from fading away and extend the wear-time considerably.
  • If you add too much blush to your cheeks accidentally, fix it with your foundation brush. Just a few swipes will neutralize the color easily.

Choose the method of application as per your comfort and convenience and follow the tips to make the most of it. You will be ready with a perfect fresh-faced look!

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Cream blush comes with a lightweight hydrating formula that gives aging or dry skin a naturally dewy look with a pretty sheen. Conversely, powder blush has a heavy and densely-packed formula that gives even the oiliest skin a perfectly matte and silky finish. However, the staying power of the powder blush is much more than that of the cream blush. 


Cream blushes make for amazing lip colors! Simply tap your favorite shade of blush onto your lips without spending on expensive lipsticksUse the same product for your cheeks as well as your lips to ensure a perfect match. 

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