How to Apply Cream Blush to Get a Rosy Look

Cream blush is one of the most appreciated makeup products used for getting a rosy look with a dewy-moist texture. But applying cream blush is a bit more complicated than applying its powder counterpart. So, let us talk about how to apply cream blush to achieve a glowy and flushed face:

Cream Blush

1. By Using Fingertips

The easiest as well as most popular method of applying cream blush is to use the tips of the index finger and the middle finger simultaneously. Pick a little blush with these fingertips and apply them to the apples of your cheeks while making a smiling face. Blend it toward the back unless and until it gets absorbed into the skin completely.

2. By Using Q-Tip

This process is similar to the previous one to some extent. The only difference is that you have to pick the blush by using a q-tip. Place the q-tip at 3 to 4 spots on your cheekbones so that you get a few dots of blush. Dab them carefully on your cheekbones with the tips of your index finger and middle finger. Move towards the temple and spread evenly.

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3. By Using Regular Blush Brush

A regular blush brush is always a good choice for applying the cream blush perfectly. All you need to do is to pat the brush into the palette and apply the product on your cheekbones gently. Make sure that you take only a little amount of blush and move the brush in an upward direction. Try to use a medium-sized brush forgetting the best look.

Cream Blush

4. By Using Highlighter Brush

A cheek highlighter brush also works great for cream blush application. It can be obtained in a number of styles and sizes. But all of them have a soft, flat and smooth top section to apply the blush onto the cheekbones in short strokes. You need to start with a smiling face and put the blush on the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones followed by a backward blend. However, the flat upper end of this type of brush makes it tough to pick the required amount of blush and we often end up putting too much product. So, be careful about it.

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5. By Using Stippling Brush

A stippling brush is a two-toned brush applicator, which has a black denser bottom section of natural hair and a white floppier upper section of synthetic hair. It gives an awesome airbrush-effect by pushing the cream blush perfectly into your skin. When you stipple the brush on the product, the white hairs pick a very little amount of it, which can then be blended with the black hairs by pressing the brush a bit more.

A Few Useful Tips to Apply Cream Blush

  • Keep your fingers clean before applying the blush.
  • The less is always more in case of cream blush.
  • Wipe away the unused blush stuck to your fingers in order to avoid any mess.
  • Make use of a clean sponge to pick up the excess blush from your cheeks and get an absolutely rosy look.

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