‘Glitter Eyebrow Makeup’ – Rock It With Attitude!

After glitter lips, glitter cheeks, glitter beards, and glitter pits, it is time to make our eyebrows sparkle. Yes, a pair of well-groomed brows plays a key role in adding glam to our face and embellishing them with colorful shimmers makes them look even trendier and more twinkling. And guess what? It is just perfect to amp up your style quotient in this fabulous festive season. So, whether you are one who wants to try something new for her brows rather than painting them with colors like every year, or a beauty who wants to brace her arches and give them a dazzling makeover for an interesting seasonal style game, you are welcome to the parade. Let’s start:

Glitter Eyebrow Makeup

Why Should You Try Glitter Eyebrow?

Before digging into the HOW-TO factor, you must know WHY on the earth you should go sparkly with your eyebrows. Well, ‘glitter’ is a ‘tiny pot of magic’ that can change your entire appearance in just one go. It has the power to add brightness to almost any look and that too without the requirements of any other fancy tools, products, or outfits. There are people who keep looking for new ways to try a glitter treatment and that is why glitter eyebrow has become a thing now. Here is why you should give it a try:

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  • From adding subtle shimmer to the brows to making them stand out, glitters can do anything and everything.
  • It makes all our facial expressions beaming, gleaming, and polished so that our face looks magical!
  • You can experiment a lot with glitter brows to create daily wearable styles to dramatic ones.
  • Adding glitters to your eyebrows can be a real fun.

How To Create Glitter Eyebrows

Now, here are the steps to jazz up your eyebrows with some eye-safe glitter. Check them out:

Get Prepared

  • Start with preparing your entire eyebrow area by applying a good primer. This is essential as a primer can prevent the skin around the brows from getting dry easily. It also helps in keeping the glitter flecks in place by sticking them to the brows. As the primer sets down fast just like the glue, you can cover the arches completely all at once.
  • Apply the glitter primer generously all over the eyebrows as well as the surrounding area. Make use of your index finger and work it thoroughly over the hairs of the brows. Most of the glitter primers come with a light tint, which becomes clear or transparent upon drying. Hence, you need not worry about the color of the primer during the application.

Glitter Eyebrow Makeup

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Go ’Natural’

  • For a milder and more natural look, you need to choose a glitter that is not much colorful yet can add a subtle shimmer to the brow hairs. You may go for something that is more or less similar to the actual color of your eyebrow.
  • Take an eye shadow brush with dense bristles, dip it into the pot of glitter, and swipe it lightly and carefully across the arches so that the flecks of glitter get stuck to the primer applied to the hairs.
  • If you want a little more shimmer, add some more glitter by following the same swiping method.

Go ‘Bold’

  • For a bolder and wilder look, your choice of glitter should be striking enough. You need to opt for a bright colorful glitter that can make your arches highlight like never before. It is recommended that you find something far different from the actual color of your brow hairs.
  • To apply the glitter to your brows, you can either find a suitable brush or simply make use of your index finger. However, you have to pick the flecks in a higher ratio for this look. So, make sure that you get your hands on a very small yet dense eyeshadow brush. Otherwise, just dig the glitter in with your finger and follow the shape of your brows.

Glitter Eyebrow Makeup

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Tips To Know

While getting your brows glittered, you must remember a few important things. We have listed them down for your convenience:

  • A few great color choices for making eyebrows shine are bronze, copper, pink, silver, blue, purple, gold, etc.
  • Never ever put glue on your arches directly. It will damage your brow hairs to a large extent. Rather, opt for a primer that would hold the glitter tightly without taking a toll on your brows.
  • Keep a big fluffy makeup brush handy so that you can easily get rid of any fall-out just by swiping it off.
  • Use an oil-based eye makeup remover and a cotton ball to remove the glitters from your arches.

No matter how much careful you are about the fall-outs, you simply can’t avoid the dusting of the flecks on your cheeks throughout the day. You may also end up getting glitter in your eyes. But in the end, those sparkly brows will win over your heart. So, go ahead and have fun!

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