Is Baby Lotion Good For Adults?

Babies have the softest and smoothest skin and who does not want to have a skin like them? Does baby lotion works for keeping their skin that soft and smooth?

Johnsons Baby Milk Lotion

Baby skin v/s Adult skin

There is a whole lot of difference between both and hence the different lotions. A baby’s skin is sensitive and prone to any kind of affliction or irritation, hence using a normal lotion will ease or protect the skin whereas an adult skin will not get that easily afflicted. The orientation of the skin changes throughout the life cycle of human being so from childhood to adulthood the skin develops and matures.

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Baby Lotion Ideology

Lotions are to soothe and moisturize your skin and when it’s about a baby’s skin, the lotion has to be gentle, so that it causes no harm to the baby skin. Hence a non allergic, non irritant and a purer form of moisturizing oils which are blended to moisturize a baby’s sensitive skin.

Well does it works the same on adults as it works on babies?

The baby lotions are made up of very mild agents who help in moisturizing and nourishing the skin, they are prepared for sensitive skins like of a baby. There is no such harm in using a baby lotion, moreover it is good to use a baby lotion as it is chemical free, moisturizing and non allergic.

This sensitive and gentle formula is created so as to protect the baby skin from drying out and keeping the developing skin hydrated. So, when an adult skin is deprived of moisture it will give an appropriate amount of hydration and feed the skin.

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Baby Lotions v/s Adult lotions

Baby lotions are mild and sensitive skin people can rely on these lotions while the adult lotions are made from mixing of more chemicals to give those extra effects.

Addition of scent to the moisturizers is another plus point in Adult lotions, as you can pick the lotion according to your scent notes. Floral, musky or fruity lotions are available in a wide range but yes with a list of sinful ingredients. So if scents are of no such big deal to you then choosing a baby lotion might bring you soft skin not that of a baby but yes a hydrated and moisturized skin for sure!

At the end note, it is a personal choice for some people love to smell good and as well as moisturize good, for them adult lotions works best and for some, baby lotions bring back the childhood scent and memories.

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