How to buy a Bridal Makeup Kit ?

The marriage is the most special day in a bride’s life and every bride aspiring to look her best on her D-day. The careful selection of suitable makeup products can be a difficult choice for any bride.  In addition, there cannot be any general rules for types of makeup and look but a carefully assembled makeup kit can be a saviour.

Bridal Makeup Kits
Other than the anxiety and stress of a big life event like marriage, brides may have unpleasant makeup experiences on their wedding if they do not carefully ponder over how to buy bridal makeup kit. The bride may end up looking too made up or the makeup might lose its sheen before the wedding function concludes.

Types of bridal makeup kit cases

Bridal makeup kits come in different shapes and sizes and before pondering over the products inside the kit, it is also important to choose items that are suitable for the bride’s lifestyle needs.

  • Train case makeup kits have extending shelves for organizing makeup products and protecting all bottles and vials well but these are heavy and bulky.
  • Makeup kits in bags come in different sizes and makes. The ideal bag bridal makeup kit should have an easy to wipe interior and smooth zippered compartments to avoid spilling. The interiors should have adequate padding to offer extra protection to bottles and tubes.
  • Small tackle boxes for makeup kits are larger than the train cases and also less expensive. These are best for organizing a lot of makeup products.
  • Caboodles- These have multiple pop-out shelves for storing makeup and a huge, spacious chamber below the shelves. These are ideal for someone who uses many products every day.

If you are one of those brides who hates to carry your make up with you all the time and apply it only at home or workplace, you can use a basket or drawer to store your makeup in a simple pouch and not spend extra on a makeup case. 

Tips to buy a bridal makeup kit

A bridal makeup kit must be chosen keeping in mind its utility for days following the wedding when the bride again might be required to dress up for other ceremonies and occasions. So ideally the bridal makeup kit must have a mix of products that the bride needs only on the wedding day and special occasions and those that she will every day.

The quantity of each of the products must also be decided accordingly. Some factors to keep in mind are:

  • Make a list of products you want in your makeup kit.
  • Buy only quality branded beauty products that are suitable to your skin type and compliment your skin tone. A beautician’s opinion can be sought to determine skin type and tone.
  • Use personal criteria to categorise makeup products like someone might be using a mascara everyday while another bride may only use it occasionally.
  • Buy applicator brushes that are of good quality, and of various sizes. The natural hair brushes have a longer life and they shed less.
  • Before choosing any new products, ensure that you are not allergic or sensitive to any of its ingredients.
  • If you use a different palette every day, toss a larger variety of colours for all basic products like lipsticks and eye shadows.
  • Buy a few smaller pouches that can fit inside the main makeup kit to organize better. They can even be labelled as eyes, lips, nails etc.
  • Ideally, do not mix and match different brands. Skin products like cleanser, moisturizer, and foundation of a single brand are designed to work better with one another. Mixing can sometimes induce an unwanted chemical combination that can be abrasive.
  • Choose most products from a brand that you have used before successfully. This can avoid any last minute allergic reactions and undesirable results.
  • Classify items in the makeup kit as daily, seasonal or special occasion items depending on the frequency of use. This will make makeup time stress free.

Do not forget to include sponges, cotton swabs, Q-tips, blotting sheets, makeup remover and nail paint remover in the makeup kit in addition to the beauty products.

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