Acoustic Wave Therapy – Get A Well-Shaped Body

Acoustic waves better known as sound or shock wave are used to reduce fat, treat cellulite as well as body contouring. Hence acoustic wave therapy is basically used for cosmetic use. It is known to stimulate the metabolic process and also improve the elasticity of connective tissue. Women are seen to get rid of their stretch marks along with their post pregnancy tummies with the help of this therapy.

An applicator is used for treatment that involves the face such as for treating double chins.  It is basically a drug-free and pain-free as well as non-invasive replacement for surgery. Acoustic wave therapy is such a treatment that involves sound waves of high intensity or pulses that effectively interact with the tissues present inside the body. Damaged fibers along with tissues are broken down by the sound waves generated from the therapy and production of new active as well as healthy tissue is stimulated.  It successfully treats shoulder, knee and back pain, injuries present in the tendon and also reduces stretch marks along with improving the conditions related to scars.

Treat Cellulite With Acoustic Wave Therapy

What is treated with this therapy?

This therapy will not help you to lose weight and is also not even a substitute for a well maintained diet as well as exercise. But it is an appropriate therapy for treating accumulated fats and cellulite on the hips, abdomen, arms, knees, buttocks and thighs. In some cases, it is used to contour and also reshape the entire body. While treating the area of the saddle bag, a temporary reduction is observed in the cellulite appearance. Skin firmness is also improved. But a reduction in the circumference of the thigh has not yet been noticed by this therapy.

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How does the therapy work?

Due to acoustic wave therapy, the breakdown of the fat cells is stimulated.  As result of this, new collagen is produced as well as lymphatic drainage takes place. The tip of an applicator is applied to the area to be treated and acoustic waves at different intensities are produced through the skin. Radiated waves and high energy waves are usually emitted during acoustic wave therapy. Hence depending on the particular type of energy that is required to be delivered, various applicators are being used. In the fat cells as well as the collagen strands, a series of heat energy is generated. After this, the body starts its own healing process. This causes the fat cells and fatty acids to move out naturally through the lymphatic system and thus be excreted by the body. After being damaged, the collagen strands start to rebuild and as a result, the skin appears to be smoother as well as tighter in the areas that are treated by the therapy.

How helpful is it?

Results of the therapy are visible within 2-3 weeks post 3-4 sessions. Up to three months after the treatment further results occur. Following treatment, more permeability is seen in the skin as well as the skin’s tissue. As a result of this, fluids along with toxins that are present in the fat cells are released as well as excreted in an efficient way by the lymphatic system. The treated skin looks very smooth and is devoid of any wrinkle and contour is returned back to the body. Other than this acoustic wave therapy will also help in:

  • Immediate pain reduction
  • Significant repair of tissue
  • Improved mobility as well as functionality
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Dissolution of a build-up of calcium
  • Chronic inflammation reversal

Idea of Acoustic Wave Therapy

It is basically a non-invasive cellulite treatment and it works similarly like facial skin tightening treatment. Acoustic energy is delivered to the targeted area for treatment and in return, heat is created in the body area. This induces a healing response which causes effective rebuilding of skin’s matrix. Thus the skin tone, as well as the texture is improved. Recently it has been used for cosmetic use which provides excellent results.

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Before the treatment is conducted, you should have a careful discussion about the reasons for the need for acoustic wave therapy for your cellulite or even body shaping. You should also ensure that this therapy will deliver what you desire or expect as well as how your looks will change further. Let your practitioner answer each and every question of yours. A thorough review of your medical history is also required to confirm that you are fit for undergoing this therapy. After you have understood all the benefits along with the risks that are associated with the procedure you are ready to start the therapy.

Treat Cellulite With Acoustic Wave Therapy

At first, the area to be treated is cleansed lightly by a practitioner before starting with the therapy. Then the head of the applicator is passed over the skin’s surface. When the therapy will start, one will feel as if a vigorous massage is being conducted. It usually takes half an hour to an hour to complete the therapy depending on the area which is treated with this acoustic wave therapy. Generally, in most cases two therapy sessions every week and a total of 10 sessions are recommended for achieving the best result.

Side effects along with risks involved in the therapy

Lesser side effects occur due to acoustic wave therapy. But sometimes a patient feels a little discomfort during the next 24-48 hours after the treatment. In the treated area people experience some tenderness, which should be treated with some painkillers if it becomes worse. Mild bruising may also occur in some.

Price of Acoustic Wave Therapy

Depending on the clinic, the device that is used, the location, the number of areas treated the price of the therapy will vary. So if the therapy is conducted on the arms or stomach and has lasted for half an hour, the cost will be something from $80. whereas a therapy for 1 hour, involving the upper legs, stomach, front as well as back along with bottom will be priced from $120. A discounted rate is applicable to a series of treatment, hence a treatment consisting of ten therapy sessions will start from $800 approximately.

Post-therapy advice

To improve the therapy results and to make sure that the fats cells are eliminated properly, there are few things that you are advised to do. In order to make acoustic wave therapy very effective you should follow few things such as:

  • Drink 2-3 liters of water daily
  • Drink green tea every day
  • Include a healthy low fat diet
  • Performing an exercise like a short walk of half an hour daily

Who should not go through acoustic wave therapy?

  • People who are not in good health should inform their doctor
  • If the area to be treated has some active skin disease or skin infections you should postpone it
  • A pregnant woman or a mother who is breast feeding her child should never have it done
  • If you have any illness or a serious infection, let your doctor know about it
  • People with tumors should never be treated with this therapy
  • If you have a pacemaker then you should ever go through it

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