Benefits of Thermoherb Mask

Thermoherb mask is a buzzword in the beauty world these days. Having traces from the pages of history, Thermoherb mask is hit in the anti-aging beauty enhancement segment. It is considered to be a well-kept secret of ancient women that helped them to keep their youthful aura intact for years.

What is Thermoherb Mask?

It is supposed that our female predecessors used a magical naturally warming mix of natural ingredients to keep all the signs of aging away. To keep the modern women as young and pretty as their foremothers, beauty experts have revived that age-defying technique under the name of Thermoherb Mask.

Benefits of Thermoherb Mask

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How does it benefit your skin?

Nowadays almost every salon or spa offers the service of Thermoherb facial or mask. It is normally done by a professional beautician who applies a self-heating mix of calcium salt and some specific natural herbs on your face. When this pack is applied on your face, it creates heat between the level of skin and face mask. This heat works wonder in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Therefore, thermoherb mask is also popular as mini-facelift.

Thermoherb mask removes the dead skin cell from your skin to reveal a younger and radiant skin from beneath. Its heating process also tightens your skin pore which brings a radical change in your looks. Other noted benefit of this thermo mask is its cost-effectiveness.  It is much cheaper than surgical facelifts or Botox.

Can you make it at home?

Although, there are several thermoherb masks available in market, going for your own version of it would help you in getting the purest treatment. The basic elements of home-made thermoherb masks are oatmeal powder, ground almond, rice flour, yogurt, honey and essential oil. You can use rosewood, juniper or lime essential oils.

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How to make it?

Take one cup of each, powdered almond, grounded oatmeal, and rice flour. Mix these three well. Now add three-four tablespoon of yogurt and 3 spoons of warm honey to it and stir it well to form a paste. In last, add a few drops of your preferred essential oil. Your thermoherb face mask is ready for application. Keep this mask on for 30 minutes before you wash it away with lukewarm water.

Things to take care of –

  • Thermoherb mask is best suited for women in and above late twenties.
  • It fetches the best result only after regular application.
  • Stay alert when you heat-up honey to add into your face-pack. It should not be too hot to cause burns on your face.

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