How-To Guide: Bleach Your Eyebrows At Home

We just love to experiment with our hair color. Don’t we? Well, what if we do the same experiment with the hairs in our eyebrows? Not that I’m talking about coloring your brows red, burgundy or chocolate, but going a little lighter on the brows has become quite a trend now. Yes, this post is all about brown bleaching, which might interest you greatly if you are a woman who is not that into her dark brows these days. So, here is our complete brow bleaching guide:

How-To Guide: Bleach Your Eyebrows At Home

How To Bleach Your Eyebrows At Home

The task of eyebrow bleaching is indeed a detailed one. Therefore, it is needless to say that you require a very good, preferably branded, bleaching product and full attention. Here is the step by step guide to help you in your blow bleaching effort:

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  • At first, pull all your locks (including bangs) away from your face. Tie them up into a tight high ponytail or simple make a topknot or bun. You can also wear a headband or wrap your hair in a dry towel. All these will avert your hair from falling on your eyebrows and getting bleached accidentally during the procedure. Also, pull all your stray hairs back and clip them up tightly.
  • Start with cleaning up your face focusing on the eyebrow areas. Dip a cotton ball in a good makeup remover and wipe dirt, oil / sebum, or trace of makeup off your face gently. Try to use a branded eye makeup remover to clean the delicate skin around your eyes and brows. Then, rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a soft cotton towel.
  • Now, open the product box and take the bleaching powder, the liquid developer, the small applicator (if any), and the user manual out of it. Go through the instructions written on the manual thoroughly. It is vital as you need to follow the directions strictly for preparing the perfect eyebrow bleaching cream.
  • Pour the bleaching powder into a medium-sized glass (any other non-reactive material can also be used) mixing bowl. Add developer to it and keep stirring with the applicator (or a cotton swab) in a gentle manner until a rich, smooth paste is formed.

How-To Guide: Bleach Your Eyebrows At Home

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  • Now, apply it to your eyebrows with the help of the applicator (or cotton swab) and ensure that all the hairs are covered evenly. Be very gentle as rubbing the cream will damage the skin around your eyebrows. Also, try to be as attentive as possible to achieve precision.
  • If you are a first-timer, leave the bleach on for 3 to 5 minutes. Otherwise, wait for maximum 10 minutes and then, gently wipe the cream off your eyebrows by using a wet and warm washcloth.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind

Now, here are some pro tips that will prevent you from going too light or too prominent on your eyebrows to ensure that they do not disappear completely or stand out awfully:

  • Pick your eyebrow bleaching product wisely. Choose something that is specifically designed for bleaching eyebrows or at least facial hairs. For a sensitive skin, it is recommended to use a milder product.
  • Never ever go for brow bleaching without undergoing a patch test. Apply a small amount of the bleach cream on your jawline and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. If no interaction takes place, you can go ahead with a full-fledged brow bleaching. Otherwise, stop immediately and consult with your physician.
  • Try to get your desired shade within a short span of time after applying the lightening product on your eyebrows. If you leave it on for too long, your brows will turn extremely light, which looks good neither on fair complexions nor on dark ones.

How-To Guide: Bleach Your Eyebrows At Home

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  • For a pair of bleached yet natural-looking eyebrows, you need to stop the procedure as soon as your brows turn a shade or two lighter. You can always define them by shaping up with an angled brush and applying brow powder. These will eventually give your eyebrows the shade you actually desire.
  • Make sure that you do not over bleach your eyebrows. This will turn the hairs brassy yellow, orange or even red.
  • When it comes to dealing with the dark roots of those tiny hairs on your eyebrows, make use of a small and thin brush (an eyeliner brush will do) to bleach the roots of the hair as close as possible without disturbing their bleached ends.
  • Go slow and attempt one brow at a time. This will not only improve time consistency but will also support precision.
  • Be extremely careful while applying cream bleach or lightener to your eyebrows so that you do not end up getting the product into your eyes accidentally. If it happens, rinse your eyes with water right away. Also, rush to your doctor immediately if you experience irritation, itching or any other discomfort.

If the steps of brow bleaching are followed religiously, there is no chance of accidental mishaps like hitting a washed-out or no-brow look. So, give it a try without any worries.

We wish you luck!

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