How To Dye Your Hair With Beets? – Be A Redhead (Temporarily)!

Beetroot juice makes a potent natural hair dye. Those who are allergic to chemicals or simply want to avoid using harmful chemicals on their locks can go for this simple alternative for getting stunning red tints on their hair. But how to dye hair with beet juice? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Read on below to know more:

How To Dye Your Hair With Beets?

Recipes To Dye Hair With Beets

  1. Beet And Coconut Oil

Rely on the year-old magical hair potion coconut oil to perk up the color of beet. While the veggie extract alter the color of your hair beautifully, the nourishing properties of coconut oil improves its health and makes the dye last longer to give you an attractive mane.

Extract the juice of a large beet in a small mixing bowl. Pour 3 tablespoons of melted and whipped coconut oil into it. Combine the ingredients thoroughly with a whisk or a fork. Put on a pair of plastic gloves and apply the mixture all over your hair. Make sure that no hair strand is left so that the color is distributed evenly. Cover your head with a plastic wrap and wait for a couple of hour. Then, rinse and wash your hair with lukewarm water and condition it as usual.

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  1. Beet, Carrot And Sugar

Coconut oil is not the only natural remedy for extending the lifetime of beet juice hair color. Consider another easily available veggie carrot for this and the result will be wonderful! The color can be even stronger in the presence of sugar.

Take (1/2) cup of beet juice in a small pan and pour (1/2) cup of carrot juice into it. Also, add 2 teaspoons of sugar. Now, put the pan over medium heat and wait for 4-5 minutes. Keep stirring the content of the pan with a spoon so that all ingredients are mixed properly. Heating up the mixture will activate it and thus, the next step i.e. application will be easier and smoother for you. So, move to the next step and work the natural dye mixture through your hair slowly. Leave it on at least for 1 hour and then, rinse out.

How To Dye Your Hair With Beets?

  1. Beet, Ginger And Olive Oil

What can be more moisturizing for your hair than a soothing olive oil massage? Do not forget it even when planning to get a beet hair dye and include the super nourishing oil in your dye mixture for an amazing scalp treatment. For added benefits, include fresh ginger in the recipe.

Juice up 2 large fresh beets and add 1 tablespoon of fresh shredded ginger to it. Now, pour 2 teaspoons of olive oil into the bowl and mix everything well with a spoon. Apply it to your scalp and massage for 4-5 minutes. Then, work slowly through your hair starting from the roots. Wait for 1-2 hours and let the dye work. Rinse well with cold water and condition.

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  1. Beet, Rose Water And Black Tea

A simple hair rinse made of beet can give your hair an attractive makeover by changing its color naturally. Some freshly brewed black tea and a little rose water can make your red tint look even more gorgeous.

Extract the juice of a medium-sized beet and transfer it to a mixing bowl. Pour (1/2) cup of freshly brewed black tea. Also, add (1/2) cup of pure rose water. Combine everything together and your antioxidant-rich hair-dying rinse is absolutely ready. Using this at least once every week will help you hold the red tint of your hair for a longer time.

  1. Beet In Herbal Shampoo

Last but not the least; you can prepare a beet juice-shampoo mixture by adding the veggie extract to your mild herbal shampoo. The procedure is super easy and the outcomes are mind-blowing!

Chop up a large beet and squeeze out the juice into a small mixing bowl. Take out the required amount of shampoo into it. Mix both ingredients well with a spoon to form a smooth paste. Apply it all over your hair and massage for a few minutes. Rinse away with plain water and apply your favorite conditioner. Doing it regularly will give your mane a reddish hue. You may increase or decrease the amount of beet juice depending upon the strength of color you desire.

How To Dye Your Hair With Beets?

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Keep In Mind…

  • Warm up beet juice a little bit before applying onto your hair. This helps in making the pigments active.
  • Always cover your hair with a shower cap or plastic wrap after saturating your hair with the beet juice. This will allow your body heat to promote the dying significantly.
  • If you want your beet juice dye to last longer, spend the resting time under sunlight. It has been seen that sunlight helps the juice work better on the hair.
  • Although beet juice color is natural, it is quite strong and can stain your sink or bathtub easily. So, always perform the hair dying activity outside a room.
  • To prevent staining of your skin and clothes, apply Vaseline onto your ears and along your hairline, and also wear an old t-shirt.

So, what do you think about beet juice hair dying? Are you game for it?

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