Secret To Get A Perfect Topknot – REVEALED!

‘TOPKNOT’. The only hairstyle that suits almost any occasion, requires minimal tools and products and needs least time to wear. But have you ever thought how to put a topknot on like a runway model or a glamorous celeb? The secret is here. Know how to make a perfect topknot from this post. Keep reading:

Secret To Get A Perfect Topknot – REVEALED!

How To Make A Perfect Topknot

If you are a busy-bee with least time for heat styling, this quick topknot tutorial will make your everyday hairstyling a breeze. Moreover, you do not need to be a hairstyle expert to master it. Learn the steps below:

  1. Get Prepared

Cleanse and wash your hair properly. Let it air-dry about half the way and apply a good hair serum to keep the frizz away. Make sure that the serum covers your hair strands from the roots to the tips. Comb your hair or simply run your fingers through your locks to distribute the serum evenly. This step is essential as dirty hair and frizzes can ruin all your efforts.

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  1. Make A Pony

Pull all your hair back to your crown and tie into a high, slicked back ponytail. The trick is to gather all your locks just at the highest point on the back of your head as this position would give you the most flattering topknot ever. While creating the ponytail by using an elastic band, make sure that you do not tie the hair too tightly. Or else, it would lay flat on your scalp.

  1. Volumize It

Now, it is time to add some extra volume to your pony. Divide it into 3-4 small yet equal sections and keep them separated with the help of long hair clips. Take one section at a time and back comb it gently at the base by using a teasing brush. It will give your hair a nice volume, which is just perfect for women with thin, flat locks. This is also the best way to get a gorgeous messy texture for your topknot.

[Note: If you are blessed with thick dense wavy hair, you can skip the volumizing part. All you need to do is to pull your hair back and tie it into a messy high ponytail. There will be a beautiful volume in your pony naturally. ]

Secret To Get A Perfect Topknot – REVEALED!

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  1. Sum It Up

Tease all sections of your ponytail one by one. Then, pull them back together to sum up the whole thing. It will again create a single ponytail but this time, there will be added volume and a messy yet elegant texture.

  1. Go ‘Bun’-ny

Now, as you are all set to create your perfect topknot, start twisting your ponytail carefully. Always begin from the base of the pony and follow its length as you move downwards. Also, do not make the twist too loose or too tight as none of these will be suitable for a sexy topknot. Once done, wrap the twisted pony around its base tightly. Alternatively, split your messy ponytail into two parts and twist them together by winding one section around another. When the entire ponytail is twisted well, wrap it around the elastic tied at the base.

[Note: While making the bun out of the ponytail, get your inner creative spirit working. You can either go for a neat formal topknot or try the messy look for a casual vibe. To keep it smart and tidy, wrap the twisted ponytail around the elastic very carefully with no pieces of hair left loose. It should look more or less like a ballerina bun. However, for a cool messy topknot, try winding the sections of the ponytail in different directions. Just start twisting them around each other, stop midway for a couple of times, and switch the directions accordingly. Also, leave the leftover hair pieces as they are or simply fold them over each other.]

Secret To Get A Perfect Topknot – REVEALED!

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  1. Secure The Style

As soon as you are done with your bun, secure it in place. Make use of bobby pins or hair pins to secure the base. Also, tuck in fly-aways or loose ends that seem to mess up with your style. It mostly happens with women with layered locks as the ends of the layers keep sticking out of the bun, thereby making it look unattractive. Try to use hair pins instead of bobby pins as they work better for topknots.

  1. Touch It Up

Now, your topknot it almost set and you need to touch it up a bit. Pull a few wisps out of the bun to give it a ‘carefully careless’ look. If you have long frontal bangs, sweep them to one side of your head and secure loosely with a few bobby pins.

  1. Finish It Off

Finally, spritz a little hairspray of medium-hold to keep the topknot at the place for the whole day.


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