How To Remove White Facial Hair Safely For A Younger Look?

The appearance of white hair on our facial skin is not at all a rare phenomenon. Many of us experience this issue as we age. However, getting rid of those unsightly hair strands is easy, if you know how to do it the right way. Here are the best ways to remove white facial hair:

Remove White Facial Hair


Epilation is considered as the most popular and widely used choice for the removal of unwanted white facial hair. In this method, the white facial hair strands are dissolved in a depilatory cream, which are then removed carefully. You need to dampen your facial skin with tepid water prior to using the cream in order to make the hair strands softer. After 2-3 minutes, apply the cream all over your facial hair in a thin yet uniform coat. Make sure that all strands are covered evenly. Let the cream sit for 8-10 minutes (or as advised in the user manual) and then, scrape it off with a spatula (or wipe it off with a soft and warm piece of cloth). Finally, wash your face with plain water and pat it dry.

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  • It is suitable for getting rid of white hair patches on the face
  • Depilatory cream can dissolve the entire hair shaft along with a certain part of its root, thereby making the process pretty much effective
  • The regrowth of hair can be delayed up to 2 weeks
  • The procedure is absolutely painless
  • The availability of facial epilation tools is not an issue
  • It can be practiced once every 4-5 days


When it comes to getting rid of white facial hair the simplest way, tweezing is appreciated the most. All you need to do is get a pair of tweezers, place it over the white hair strand and pluck it out directly. Repeat it for all the hairs you want to remove from your face. It might be a little painful, but is the best option for eliminating one hair at a time.


  • Best suited for people with only a few stray white facial hair
  • The hair strands are pulled out from the roots, which makes it a highly effective method
  • Uprooting the hair shafts from the roots delays the regrowth to a large extent
  • Hair takes 4-8 weeks to reappear (varies from person to person)
  • The procedure is quite easy and affordable

Remove White Facial Hair

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Like tweezing, the practice of threading is also very common for removing unwanted hair. You can firmly hold a thread with both of your hands and twist it carefully. Then, place it over your facial area from where you want to remove the white hairs and move it against the skin gently. However, the results of threading are temporary and you might find your white hair strands grow back faster than all other methods.


  • Works very well for women who have very slow facial hair growth
  • The procedure is pretty simple and easy to practice
  • It is also quite inexpensive

Facial Spring

Though comparatively newer than others in the list, facial spring is undoubtedly be a promising weapon in the beauty arsenal of women struggling with white hair on their faces. This latest innovation comes with a highly coiled metal spring attached in between two rubber handles. You can bend it like an inverted ‘U’ by gripping the handles tightly and roll it over the skin having unwanted white facial hair. Follow a gentle outward motion while going in the upward direction gradually so that the hair strands get stuck in the spring and are uprooted perfectly.


  • It can eliminate even the smallest white hair strands from different parts of the face including forehead, cheeks, upper lips and jawline
  • Hair strands are plucked out from their roots, which slows down their growth significantly
  • Regrowth can be prevented for as long as 6 to 7 weeks
  • The tool is simple in design and easy to use
  • The method is almost painless as it leaves the skin hairless with just a slight tingling or prickling effect

Remove White Facial Hair

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Electrolysis Treatment

As the name reveals, this treatment makes use of electric current for the removal of unsightly white hair from the face. In this method, a thin and sharp needle is directly inserted into the shafts of white hairs in order to kill their roots one by one by passing current through them. You may need to attend additional sessions for stubborn hair strands.


  • Highly beneficial for women with lots of white hair on their facial skin
  • It destroys the roots of the hair strands completely
  • The results are permanent


The laser is the most advanced technique for removing white facial hair. In this method, the hair follicles are made to absorb a strong laser beam so that they become unable to grow further. The infuriated facial skin is then calmed down with the help of a cooling device.


  • Great choice for women with severe white facial hair issues
  • It kills the hair follicles completely to stop regrowth
  • The results are permanent

Tips & Warnings

  • Opt for a good quality depilatory cream with safe chemical composition and start with a patch test.
  • Get a pair of high-quality stainless steel tweezers and sanitize it with alcohol before each use to avoid bacterial infections
  • Avoid threading if your skin is sensitive, inflamed or acne-prone
  • Electrolysis treatment should always be done by a trained dermatologist or cosmetologist. It is time-consuming, pricey, and may cause a number of side effects.

So, which one of these methods are you going to try?

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