Hooded Eyes? Not Any More. Try These Genius Makeup Tricks Today!

Hooded eyes and gorgeous eye makeup can never go hand in hand, right? Not at all! Even if you have no visible mobile eyelids, you can put on dramatic eye makeup and look like a dream girl. Experts have come up with a few genius tricks for giving hooded eyes a complete makeover and you simply cannot ignore it. Interested? Let’s explore:

Primer Is A Must

The worst thing about hooded eyes is that you can hardly apply any eye makeup that would not smear or smudge. Hooded lids are usually oilier than others and some of them are also extremely creased, which make the task even more difficult. Hence, you simply cannot do without a great eye primer. Invest in a quality one so that you do not have to look back. It will not only keep the shadows and liners from sliding around but also avert them from transferring to the brow bones.

Hooded Eyes? Not Any More. Try These Genius Makeup Tricks Today!

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Pick Smudge-Proof Products

Another way to prevent your eye makeup from getting feathered is to get your hands only on smudge-proof and waterproof makeup products. Not only the high-end products but certain budget products also dry up instantly and stay on the eyelids and lashes for the whole day. These are the most effective ones for hooded eyes.

Enhance Natural Crease

Hooded eyes look droopy and you need to work on your natural crease in order to get rid of it. You can accentuate your creases by applying makeup from the outer edges to the inner edges while keeping the eyes closed, and then blend it in circles with a brush by following a swirling motion. This will open up your eyes instantly.

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Fake A Cut-Crease

You can also opt for a ‘cut-crease makeup’ to make your hooded eyes appear prominent and glamorous.  All you need to do is to create a fake ‘cut-crease’ by applying an eyeliner pencil of dark shade a little above your natural eyelids and smudging it with your finger. This will contour your eye sockets and give an illusion of a ‘higher fold / crease’ on your lids so that your eye shadow does not remain hidden.

Highlighter Is Key

Highlighter is known to be the best friend of hooded-eyed hotties. Add a touch of a champagne-colored highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes, lower lash lines, and brow bones and blend away smoothly. Sweep a light shade of shadow all over your eyes. Emphasize your eyelashes with a volumizing mascara to make your eyes appear to be wide set. All these can give your hooded eyes a significant lift.

Hooded Eyes? Not Any More. Try These Genius Makeup Tricks Today!

Use Colored / Glitter Shadow

While black is a universal color for eye makeup, it might not be always true for hooded eyes. Black tends to hide the dimension you want to give to your eyes. So, play with bold and vibrant colors like electric blue, fuchsia, turquoise, dark greens, navy blues, metallic blue, etc. Combine different shades of liners, mascaras, and shadows to create a dramatic look that will open up your eyes to a great extent. Applying a shimmery or glittery eyeshadow right under the brow bones will also make your hooded eyes appear bigger.

Hooded Eyes? Not Any More. Try These Genius Makeup Tricks Today!

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Know The ‘Winged Liner’ Trick

Creating wings on hooded eyes is a real pain. However, remembering a few things can help you prevent the wings from getting hidden behind the skin-fold. Start with looking straight in front and stop when you are done with drawing the baseline. Do not fill it in immediately. Rather, pause for a few minutes and let your eye relax. Once the fold of the eyelid falls in its actual place, fill in the wings carefully.

Learn To Apply Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow only to the eyelids might not be useful for hooded eyes as it gets lost when the eyes are open. You can add a touch of the shadow to the outer corners of your eyes as well as your lower lash lines to get rid of this issue. If you are sporting a faux cut-crease, apply some eye shadow along that artificial crease too.

Try ‘Reverse’ Eye Makeup

When nothing works well for a pair of hooded eyes, experiment with the reverse makeup trick. You can easily create an upside-down smoky eye just by blending an eye shadow of darker shade along the lower lash line of your eye and smudging it with your finger for a sultry smoky look. Similarly, a cat eye can also be flipped down. Start with creating a line from the inner corner of the eye and extending it beyond the outer edge at an angle towards the brow end by using a dark-colored shadow or a liner pencil. Then, smudge it gently with the help of a small stiff brush.

Hooded eyes are amazingly sexy. All you need to do is to follow the right makeup tricks to make them appear bigger and stand out from others. All the best!

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