Make Small Eyes Look Bigger with Makeup

Have small eyes and want them to be bigger and bolder and the highlight of your face? If you are not naturally blessed with big eyes, then there are ways to make small eyes look bigger with makeup. We show you the techniques here. It will take you some practice and a couple of trials on yourself before you can perfect the look. But once you get a hang of the technique, then you can easily use them everyday to get big and bold eyes.

1. Start with your brows 

Make sure that your brows are well groomed. Unkempt brows are not just unsightly, but also take away all the focus from the eyes. Only when your brows are perfectly done, do they attract attention towards the eyes. So go and get your brows threaded or plucked to get a perfect arch that frames your eyes. Use a pencil to softly fill the brows, starting from the outer edges first. The outer ends need the maximum definition since the amount of hair at that end is less. Use the pencil to emphasize the arch of the brow.

2. Banish Dark Circles

Dark circles and puffiness in the eyes can cause the eyes to look smaller. Use an ice cube or cucumber slices or an under eye gel to get rid of the puffiness around the eyes. Next, dot a concealer around the eyes to camouflage the dark circles. Using a concealer will also form a perfect flawless base against which your eye liner and mascara will be highlighted.

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3. White Eyeshadow and Liner on Lower Lid

White Eyeshadow and Liner on Lower Lid

Use a white eyeshadow or a white eye liner and dot some white color in the inner corner of the eyes. Smudge it gently with your finger to soften the white near the eyes. See how it has opened up the eyes in comparison to the black eyeliner in the picture. If you think that applying a white color is too intense, then go in for a nude or beige color in the inner corner of the eyes.

4. Eyeshadow 

Using a two toned eye shadow can help open up your eyes. Use a darker shade on the outer corners of the eye and a lighter shade in the inner corner and on the lid. Try to stick to keeping the look minimal until you master the application of 2 shades and blending them together. Use matte shades in the outer corner and blend them towards the crease, upwards to make your eyes look bigger.

5. Line them right 

Do not try to make the eyes look bigger by piling on layers of eye liner. Stick to a single tight stroke along the upper eye lash. You could choose to wing it out a wee bit, but not much, since winging makes the eyes look smaller again. Always use a dark eye liner. If you do not have a steady hand with liquid liners, you can try kohl liners which will give a softer look to the eyes.

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6. Curl ’em up 

Curl 'em up

Buy a good eyelash curler and curl your lashes out to really open the eyes up. Spend those extra few seconds curling up your lashes before you slather on the mascara and you will thank us for reminding you to use the curler. It will make your eye look bigger and wider and allow for easy application of the mascara.

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7. Finally, its all in the mascara

Finally, its all in the mascara

This is the most important step when it comes to making your eyes look bigger. Swipe a good volumizing mascara along the lashes to open up the eyes. Brush an extra thickening coat over the top lash to get luscious lashes.

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