Get a More Well-Contoured Body with the Aid of Accent Laser Treatment

You are proud of yourself for following a strict dietary regimen and exercising regularly! Yet, one fine day, you discover that some parts of your body are looking lumpy and dimpled! Naturally, you feel like howling! Fortunately, for you, and many others, there is help available in the form of Accent Laser treatment.

What is Accent Laser treatment?

For people like you, who fear invasive cosmetic procedures, Accent Laser comes as a boon! It is a non-invasive method of rejuvenating tired-looking skin, as well as tightening sagging tissue. The methodology involves the usage of radio frequency, which stimulates the production of new collagen fibers. As a result, you acquire younger looking, smoother and firmer skin, not only on your face, but also all over your body!

Accent Laser Treatment

Does this procedure treat certain areas of the body only?

You are welcome to choose the areas that require re-contouring, yourself! After all, you may not require a complete body sculpting.

The Accent Dual-Layer Thermotherapy/Radio Frequency helps to smoothen and tighten crepe-like skin on the neck and face, tone the sagging and wrinkled areas on your upper arms, flatten your abdominal region, or make your thighs and hips look slimmer. Wherever there is the presence of cellulite or resistant fat as witnessed in sagging buttocks, double chins, tummy rolls and bra bulges, you may go in for Accent Laser. The procedure is useful for tightening the loose folds present on your abdomen post delivery of a baby, or any area that has undergone surgery, too.

How does Accent Laser work?

Two types of Radio Frequency technology come into play in this process. One is the bipolar module, while the other one is the unipolar module. The bipolar module works on the surface (epidermal) layers, while the unipolar module probes the deeper layers (dermal region).

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With regard to the actual process, the cosmetic specialist utilizes a hand piece for applying the radio frequency energy. As the wand moves over your skin in circular patterns, both, the surface and in-depth tissues begin to grow warm. Soon enough, the heat prompts the skin cells or fibroblasts to reorganize themselves. In other words, these fibroblasts experience enhanced metabolism. As a result, they release accumulated fluids and toxins. As the poisons drain away, the fibroblasts receive the requisite stimulus to begin production of new collagen fibers and elastin fibers. This entire process suffices to tighten the skin.

True, your skin acquires warmth during the procedure. However, your discomfort should be minimal in nature. This is because the hand piece comes with an in-built cooler. This cooler helps to monitor the temperature, such that your skin does not fry/burn. In actuality, like many other patients declare, you may also feel that you are undergoing a warm massage. The treatment may last anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes, based upon the region undergoing treatment. Rarely, the procedure may stretch to two hours also.

Do you require Repeat Treatments?

Yes, if you desire long-lasting and optimal results, it would be good to go in for ‘repeat’ treatments. The specialist may suggest anywhere between four and six sittings, or between six and eight sittings. Each sitting should last less than an hour, an hour, or even two hours. The time varies in accordance with the regions requiring heavier or light treatment. The gap between one Accent Laser treatment and the next one is two weeks.

If you want additional touch-ups, you will have to approach your cosmetic specialist every one-and-a-half to two years.

Does Accent Laser treatment result in any side effects?

The U.S. FDA has classified Accent Laser treatment as safe. The only side effect that you may experience is a little bit of redness showing up on the areas that the specialist has treated. However, your skin should return to normal within three or four hours. Sometimes, the skin may appear slightly swollen too. However, even this should disappear within 24 hours.

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How long will I have to wait to see results?

The unique dual-layer radio frequency thermotherapy is responsible for immediate tightening of the deeper layers of your skin. As a result, the results show up immediately. Regardless, as new collagen cells continue to develop, there is further tightening of the skin tissues. Within the next three months, you should be able to witness natural-looking and youthfully firm skin with wonderful elasticity. Since you go in for repeated treatments, your skin will continue to bloom!

What instructions will the cosmetic specialist give you after Accent Laser treatment?

Anesthesia and incisions do not come into play here. As a result, you need not bind yourself to any kind of recovery time. You are welcome to resume your day-to-day activities straightaway. Then again, you may apply makeup to your face if you wish to, and use various skin products without fear.

It is important that you consume plenty of water. You must enhance your water intake for several days prior to the treatment. You must also increase it after the treatment. Drink at least two quarts or 64 ounces every day. This will help you feel comfortable during, and after, the treatment. Furthermore, water aids in maintaining consistent body temperature.

Accent Laser TreatmentWhat is the cost of Accent Laser procedure?

Based upon the location and specific cosmetic specialist, the price of this procedure may range anywhere between $1,000 and $4,800. This is because the specialist takes the number of sittings and areas undergoing treatment, into consideration.

What are the benefits of Accent Laser procedure?

True, tolerance for pain is quite subjective in nature, for each individual has a different level of tolerance. However, the Accent Laser process does not cause too much of discomfort to a patient. As mentioned earlier, you are likely to feel as if gentle warmth is penetrating your skin!

You do not need any kind of pain medication, despite the absence of topical/local anesthesia. The specialist will not insist on your taking an injection of tumescent medium. After all, this is not an invasive, surgical procedure. Your body will not suffer any swelling or bruises.

Since there is no such thing as recovery time, you need not place restrictions on your activities. There is no downtime for recovery. Above all, you need not wear any kind of compression garments.

To sum up, Accent Laser is a clinically proven treatment, as evinced by the results of extensive studies. No disposables come into play here. The technology works rapidly and is user-friendly. It is simply plug and play!

How is Accent Laser different from traditional liposuction and laser lipolysis?

Both, traditional liposuction and laser lipolysis are invasive in nature. Additionally, they have their own downtimes, as well as post-operative side effects too.

To illustrate, traditional liposuction is a common technique that comes into play for reducing excess fat. However, there are some serious side effects, such as skin necrosis, skin infection, embolism, seroma, or nerve compression. You may even experience issues with anesthesia.

Laser lipolysis is great for tackling pockets of fat in certain areas of the body. The specialist will take charge of removing saddlebags, double chins and love handles via the procedure. The side effects of laser lipolysis include bruising and swelling. However, they disappear within a few days. Above all, liposuction and laser lipolysis may reach successful conclusions, only if the cosmetic specialist is highly skilled and experienced.

In contrast to the above-mentioned procedures, Accent Laser treatment is non-invasive, relatively painless, and free of serious side effects.

To conclude, Accent Laser treatment is a boon for bringing back the vibrancy and vitality to your skin!

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