15 Health Benefits of Ginseng Root for Women

Ginseng is a species of perennial plants characterised by its fleshy roots and typically found in the cooler climates of the northern hemisphere & eastern Asia. It is an adaptogenic herb and helps to decrease the sensitivity of the cells to stress. This herb is mostly available either sliced or whole in the dried form and is extremely effective in combating a number of ailments and problems due to the presence of ginsenosides. 

  1. Being a powerful antioxidant, the Ginseng root acts as a deterrent and prevents the oxygen molecules from reacting with the LDL or bad cholesterol present in our body. This, in turn, helps to cure certain common ailments of the heart and also reduces the risk of a heart attack in women, who are more prone to heart diseases than men.
  2. Ginseng also helps to cure sexual dysfunction in women, like the inability to attain orgasm etc. by stimulating flow of blood into the genitals, thereby increasing sexual sensitivity and performance.Ginseng Root for Women
  3. Ginseng is also a highly recommended herb for increasing female fertility. Instances of the Ginseng root being used for this can be found throughout the history of the world.
  4. Taking Ginseng during pregnancy invariably improves the health of the unborn child inside the mother’s womb.
  5. In fact, Ginseng can be effectively used in instances of retarded foetal growth and also anoxemic encephalopathy or brain damage caused due to lack of oxygen in yet to be born babies.
  6. Midwives recommend the oral intake of Ginseng to prevent premature and post term labor which can cause a lot of irritating discomfort and pain.
  7. Ginseng works miracles in reducing the problems associated with the advent of menopause like mood swings, depression and other sexual problems. It, therefore, helps to facilitate a smooth transition into menopause by making it as painless as possible, both emotionally as well as physically.
  8. Another important feature of Ginseng is that it helps to bring about clarity of thought, improves memory and brings about a better sense of awareness during and after menopause.
  9. Ginseng has been known to have a positive outcome in the prevention of some types of cancer related to the lungs, pancreas, ovary, liver and stomach in women.
  10. Ginseng’s role in enhancing the growth of disease fighting antibodies to improve the immunity of a woman’s body helps it to improve the effectiveness of antibiotics as well as vaccines. Women, thus, get cured faster.
  11. For women suffering from autoimmune diseases, like multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis etc., Ginseng has been known to modulate their immune system for better response against stimuli.
  12. Type 2 diabetes, in women, can be successfully kept in control by the regular intake of Ginseng which is known to systematically lower blood sugar levels.
  13. Regular intake of Ginseng also benefits students and workers for whom the feeling of tiredness and fatigue is a common occurrence. It, not only, helps to improve their mental capabilities, but also helps them to focus better and have longer attention spans.
  14. Women afflicted with autism, ADHD and other cognitive function related sickness get a lot of relief from the regular use of Ginseng.
  15. Being an adaptogen ensures that Ginseng can make a woman’s  body deal with stress, both physical as well as emotional, in a better way. It also enhances her ability to withstand physical stress by improving the general health so that its resistance to diseases and infections like flu and common cold etc. can be increased.

While there is ample proof that Ginseng has many characteristics which can hugely benefit women, the fact remains that its potency is increased when combined with a healthy and disciplined lifestyle and nutritious food. Hence care must be taken to ensure that there is no dearth of any of the three to ensure a happy life and better lifestyle.

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