Top 10 Sanitary Pads in India for 100% protection

Gone are the days when there were just one or two choices when it came to picking up a sanitary pad in the store. Just like every other product, there are now lots of options when it comes to feminine hygiene products too. There are pads meant to last you all night, for heavy flow days and for lighter days. Why, you can even pick a packet of panty liners that you can use on days when you just have spotting. If you have not scanned the supermarket aisles yet for the latest arrivals in the women’s hygiene section and are sticking to your same old brand, we tell you about the Top 10 Sanitary Pads in India.

Top 10 Sanitary Pads in India

1. Whisper Ultra Clean XL 

Whisper Ultra Clean XL

These Sanitary Pads provide long lasting superior protection. They have a super absorbent core that pulls away leakage from the edges. The wings are longer and give you added protection so that you can remain worry free even on heavy flow days. Priced at Rs. 135 for 15 pads.

2. Stayfree Dry Max All Night

Stayfree Dry Max All Night

The Stayfree Dry Max All Night is an ultra thin pad that helps you sleep as you please, without worrying about leakage. Being very thin, it fits your contour snugly and is highly absorbent. The pads are wider at the back to give you a worry free sleep. It is priced at Rs. 70 for 7 pads.

3. Sofy Side Walls

Sofy Side Walls

Sofy Side Walls has special walls on the side of the pad that prevents leakage during movement. It is made with fit-to-zone technology and it fits your body and absorbs fluid quickly. It has a super dry net sheet to give you a dry feeling all day. It is priced at Rs. 120 for 15 pads.

4. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin

Stayfree Dry Max Ultra Thin

This pad from Stayfree is ideal for day use. It is super thin and comes with a dry max cover and super lock pockets that keep you dry through the day. Its gel based core absorbs fluid quickly and keeps you dry. It is priced at Rs.65 for 8 pads.

5. She Ultra XXL wings

She Ultra XXL wings

She Ultra comes with a cottony soft cover to help you have rash free periods. It has a hydrophobic non woven, non-plastic cover with gel technology that provides superior absorbency. It is priced at Rs. 70 for 7 pads.

6. Whisper Ultra Night XL

Whisper Ultra Night XL

These Ultra Thin Sanitary Pads provide you unparalleled comfort in the night. The gel core, stretchable wings, extra length and width at the back, all ensure that you can sleep without the worry of leakage in the night. It is priced at Rs. 80 for 7 pads.

7. Don’t Worry Ultra Thin XL pads

Don't Worry Ultra Thin XL pads

These perfumed pads are especially made for the girls and women on the go. It turns fluid into gel and protects against heavy flow during the day. The wings prevent any side leakage. It is 240 mm in length and ideal if you have medium flow. It is priced at Rs. 35 for 8 pads.

8. Whisper Choice Regular Wings

Whisper Choice Regular Wings

If you are not too keen on using the ultra thin pads after the first two days of your period, then Whisper Choice is an ideal pick for the remaining days. It comes with wings and a gel based core. It controls odor and is attractively priced at Rs. 26 for 8 pads.

9. Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings

Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings

Kotex Soft and Smooth has a cottony cover that will prevent you from rashes. If you have had a rash from using the Ultra thin napkins in the beginning of the period, you could choose Kotex Soft in the days when you have less flow. It comes with wings and contoured borders and is priced at Rs. 24 for 8 pads.

10. Carefree Panty Liners

Carefree Panty Liners

Whether it is for the spotting towards the beginning or the end of your periods when you don’t want to wear pads,the panty liners from Carefree are an excellent choice. They help you remain worry free about staining and without the hassle of wearing a pad. They are smaller and softer than the regular pads and an excellent choice for maintaining hygiene on your “spotting days” It is priced at Rs. 80 for 20 liners.

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