How does Abdominal Etching Work?

Not all of the toned abs and six packs you see on television and in print are a result of rigorous exercise and diet. One can get a lean and mean abdomen, complete with ripping muscles with the help of abdominal etching. Abdominal Etching is a plastic surgery procedure that will give you the abs that all your exercise, running, dieting and crunches could not. Let’s see how does abdominal etching work and what kind of results it can produce.

What is done in Abdominal Etching? 

abdominal etching

Abdominal Etching is a Liposculpture procedure- liposuction followed by sculpting. In this procedure, the fat is removed from certain areas of the abdomen and left as is in others. Does abdominal etching work? Oh yes! It gives you indentation in the abs, giving you the super toned and ripped muscles look.

How is abdominal etching different from tummy tuck? 

A tummy tuck  involves removing some flab and muscle from the abdomen to tighten the tummy. Abdominal etching works only on the surface area above the muscles to create a smoother tummy with indentations. A tummy tuck works on people with excess fat, wanting to get rid of it. Abdominal etching works best with people with a moderate amount of fat and strong underlying abdominal muscles.

Who can get Abdominal Etching done? 

Men and women with one to two inches of pinch-able belly fat and looking for a sculpted abdomen can undergo this procedure. If you have a larger accumulation of belly fat, then it is advisable that you reduce your belly fat first before going in for the procedure.

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How is abdominal etching done? 

abdominal etching procedure

The first step to the surgery is a consultation that will tell you if you are a candidate for abdominal etching. If you get a green signal and are a smoker, then you are to stop smoking two weeks before the surgery. For the actual procedure, first lines are traced on your abdomen as to where the incisions need to be made. Then you will be given antibiotics and anesthesia. Small incisions are made in the skin during the surgery along the lines drawn. Subsequently, a small metal tube is inserted into the skin and using a liposuction method, excess fat is drawn out of this tube. This will create the etched look on the abs. The entire procedure lasts about an hour after which the patient is awakened.

Complications, side effects and recovery time

The surgery is normally low-risk, but there could be cases where there is bleeding or scarring and post-operative infection. To avoid any of these, always get the procedure done through a reputed surgeon.

The side effect of the surgery is mild swelling in the operated area which could last about a week. The patient is advised to wear a garment to compress the abdomen for a couple of weeks for the etching to remain intact. Strenuous activity is to be avoided for a month following the surgery. It will take you two weeks to fully recover from the surgery.

How much does the procedure cost? 

Including the surgeon’s fees, anesthesia and the surgical facility cost, abdominal etching could cost you anywhere between $3000 to $5000.

So if you want those washboard abs that you have been dreaming about and can shell out that much money, then it is surely a surgery to consider.

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