The Ugly Truth About Sheet Masks – Are They Safe For your Skin?

Are you a sheet mask fanatic? Beware, girl! Your sheet mask obsession might turn out to be deadly for your skin. Shocked? We also were surprised to know it! Recently, sheet mask has become the biggest craze in the world of beauty as it is a super convenient facial treatment with extreme efficacy and fast results. But once you know the ‘ugly truth’ about this sensational Korean beauty trend, you might end up questioning your daily skincare regimen. Curious to know the terrifying truth about facial sheet masks? We are going to tell you the sheet mask secrets that will never be revealed by industry people. Keep reading:

The Ugly Truth About Sheet Masks - Are They Safe For your Skin?

Expectation Vs. Reality

Face sheet masks have totally swept the globe in last few years. If you are a skincare junkie, chances are big that you have already used a lot of variety of these masks and even planning to give try to a few more. Reason? We expect a LOT from those thin cotton sheets and they live up to their claims. At least we have not found any adverse effects of using face sheet masks. All they do is exfoliate, brighten, smoothen, and soften our skin to a great extent and sometimes do even more to give us a gorgeous appearance, right?

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So, it is quite obvious that we picture these face sheet masks to be made in a pristine clean factory with all hygiene and safety standards maintained. Well, in reality, the situation is far different. Leave only a few high-end names apart, most of the so-called popular Korean sheet mask brands do not have proper factory setups for the processing and packaging of their products. In fact, a huge number of these brands use at-home labor for packaging the masks, which is extremely unhygienic.

The Ugly Truth About Sheet Masks - Are They Safe For your Skin?

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The Racked Report…

The sheet mask truth might have never been revealed if a Seoul-based Korean woman had not been shared her experience with us on Reddit. According to the report published by Racked, the Reddit-user dvaonline22, who claimed to be a part of the beauty industry, shared a post on the Asian beauty page of the social news aggregation portal regarding the unsanitary processes of packaging of facial sheet masks. She even uploaded pictures of these masks being manufactured as well as packaged in private homes using totally unclean and unhygienic methods.

Racked also reported, “Several brands have been identified as using at-home labor for folding and stuffing sheet masks into their envelopes. Because there are so many small cosmetic brands, it is fairly common and the practice has been widely reported in Korea since 2008.”

Why Should You Be Worried?

Yes, we know that not all skincare brands are same and hence, we told you to consider the highly recognizable brands apart. But needless to say, we should be concerned about purchasing face sheet masks from other smaller brands. It is said that even the cleanest-looking face sheet masks may be not as sterile and as hygienic as it seems to be. So, it is of utmost importance that you inspect your beloved sheet masks in order to know what you are actually putting on your face. Well, if you are still not sure about how these products are wreaking havoc on your skin, here is a list of things that will leave you bothered:

The Ugly Truth About Sheet Masks - Are They Safe For your Skin?

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  1. Most facial sheet masks are being made using unsterile and unsanitary practices, which is a completely illegal practice.
  2. Dry sheet masks along with their envelopes are sent to the houses of packagers (these random strangers are called ‘mask employees’ or ‘labors’) where they are guided to fold up the sheets and put them in envelopes.
  3. Then, the envelopes are picked up from the houses of the packagers to the factories where they are filled with serum and sealed as well as essence to make the final products ready.
  4. It is a popular part-time job for housewives and other people seeking extra income, who are basically paid in pennies!
  5. No gloves are worn by the at-home packagers during the process of packaging.
  6. In most of the cases, the final products are not run through microbial checks, which is extremely dangerous for our skin and cause a number of mild to major skin issues.
  7. Envelopes are usually not sterilized, which leads to the presence of hair, dust, dirt, and other debris inside the masks.
  8. It has been reported that the packagers keep on smoking cigarettes while making the masks, which makes the masks smell like nicotine.
  9. It has also been reported that dead insects had been found in a sheet mask packets and it really needs no explanation why it is unhealthy for our skin.

Aren’t all these information unsettling enough for us? Just play safe and love sheet masks from well-known brands that will love your skin too.

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