Expert Review: Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powder

Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powder is slowly becoming a common name in the Indian household, thanks to the tropical weather of the country. The product is known to help us stay clean, dry, and healthy even when we are sweating like grease monkeys. Let us know what this product is all about and whether you should give it a try or not.


About Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powder

  • Manufacturer: Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd. (Consumer HC) (India)
  • Generic Name: Clotrimazole
  • Brand Name: Abzorb
  • Composition: Clotrimazole IP 1% w/w, Talc & Starch base q.s.
  • Formulation: Powder
  • Net Weight: 100 gm
  • Price: INR 95.00 (online discounts can be availed)
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • Availability: Easily available both offline and online

Look And Feel

Abzorb Clotrimazole Powder comes in a slim, tall container made of sturdy plastic. The body of the container is almost rectangular in shape and milky white in color. It has a tight blue-colored flip-open cap at the top, which can also be removed entirely by unscrewing or twisting off. The opening of the container is quite similar to that of regular talcum powder jars with multiple holes in it, which makes the sprinkling / dusting of the powder easy. All necessary information regarding the product is clearly mentioned on its body. As a whole, it is a smart and travel-friendly packaging. The powder is absolutely white in color with a fine and smooth texture. Moreover, it does not have any medicinal or synthetic odor, which is perfect for people with sensitive noses.

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What Does It Claim?

“Abzorb is useful wherever excess perspiration or exudates need absorption. Absorb soothes irritated skin and protects against chafing and rash. Absorb helps fight fungal infections, prevents its recurrence and provides soothing dry maintenance therapy for tinea pedis, tenia cruris, diaper rash and other fungal infections of the skin. Recommend Absorb wherever excess moisture aggravates heat or friction rashes.”

What Does It Offer?

Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powder is basically an absorbent powder with amazing antifungal and antibacterial qualities. The active ingredient found in this product is Clotrimazole 1% w/w, which is a common antifungal medication and has been widely used for treating fungal infections in both humans as well as animals. According to the ‘WHO Model List Of Essential Medicines’, clotrimazole IP 1% w/w is an essential antifungal medicine capable of curing vaginal yeast infections effectively. Hence, Abzorb dusting powder can help us maintain our intimate health and hygiene by restricting the growth and development of fungi in our vaginal area.

However, studies and reviews have also confirmed its efficacy in treating local fungal) caused mainly by candida yeast) and bacterial infections in a number of our other body parts. In fact, it is equally effective for men and babies too. Here is a list of conditions in which the Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powder can be used:

  • Local fungal infections in intimate parts like the vagina, vulva, penis, and groin, which include vaginal candidiasis, vulvovaginal candidiasis / vaginal thrush, balantitis thrush, and jock itch / tinea cruris, etc.
  • Fungal infections in mouth, ears, toes and skin, such as oropharyngeal candidiasis / oral candidiasis / oral thrush, otitis externa, athlete’s foot / tinea pedis, ringworm / dermatophytosis, and pityriasis versicolor / tinea versicolor, etc.
  • Other fungal and bacterial infections like heat rash or prickly heat, nappy / diaper rash, toenail fungus, etc.

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Wash the skin thoroughly and pat it dry. Take the powder as required onto your palm and gently apply to the affected parts so that they are covered fully. Repeat 2-3 times a day for a period of 2-4 weeks to speed up the process of healing and see faster results.

Side Effects

Use of too much Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powder might cause mild to serious side effects. These include flaking or peeling of the skin, hypersensitivity, tenderness, redness, erythema, irritation, formation of small bumps, swelling, blister, stinging or burning sensation, contact dermatitis, elevated liver enzymes, gastrointestinal disorders, dysuria, and depression. If any of these persist, consult your physician immediately.


  • Always consult with your physician before starting a clotrimazole treatment, especially for treating infections in your intimate parts.
  • Do not use Abzorb Clotrimazole Dusting Powder if your doctor confirms a potential drug interaction.
  • It is a topical treatment. So, make sure that it does not enter your body under any circumstance.
  • If you are hypersensitive to imidazole, using latex contraceptives, going through the first trimester of pregnancy, or even a lactating mother, stay away from using this absorbent powder.

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  • Absorbs perspiration and prevents too much sweating even while wearing tight clothes or shoes for a long time
  • Soothes skin instantly without drying it out
  • Heals distressed skin fast by reducing redness, itching, irritation, chafing, and so on
  • Helps in maintaining dryness, cleanliness, and health of the vaginal area
  • Reduces discomfort in private parts, armpits, neck, shoulders, fingers, thighs, toes, etc. caused by excessive sweat, heat, rashes, and tight undergarments
  • Not only cures fungal and bacterial infections but also helps in keeping them at bay
  • Gives relief from body odor and smelly feet
  • Saves us from the embarrassment of feeling the strong urge of itching down there by curing the infections completely


  • Cannot be used without consulting a doctor

Verdict: This product is HIGHLY recommended for maintaining vaginal hygiene and staying away from other fungal infections.

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