12 Beauty Uses Of Aquaphor You Will Love To Know

So you have always thought that Aquaphor is the ‘grandma’s Vaseline’, which can only be used to lube up. Right? Hell NO! Aquaphor is a true ‘balmy beauty’ that every one of us should embrace and that too for a variety of reasons. The fragrance-free, non-irritating petrolatum is mainly known for its amazing moisturizing power. But this simple and easily available skin protectant is actually a multi-functional product with a ton of beauty uses. Being loaded with ingredients like mineral oils, ceresin, lanolin alcohol, panthenol, glycerin, bisabolol, and so on, Aquaphor not only works as a healing ointment but also keeps our skin and hair healthy as well as beautiful.

Beauty Uses Of Aquaphor

Know why you should consider it as a staple in your daily beauty regimen. We have listed here 12 awesome beauty uses of Aquaphor:

  1. Treats Dry, Flaky Skin

When it comes to treating dry, flaky, or scaly skin, Aquaphor works wonders. It is packed with some of the best natural emollients and humectants like glycerin, panthenol, and mineral oil, which make the product a moisturizing powerhouse. All you need to do is apply it all over the affected parts of your skin multiple times a day and the dehydrating factors associated with weather, environment, cosmetics, etc. will be counterbalanced easily.

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  1. Pampers Under-Eye Areas

Not all commercial moisturizing products can be applied to the delicate areas under eyes but Aquaphor is a perfect one for this purpose. Just dab a bit of the jelly, massage gently by using the ring finger, and you are done. Make it your night ritual and you will wake up with a super moisturized under-eye area daily.

  1. Protects Cracked Heels And Elbows

Our heels and elbows tend to dry up easily and we need to take extra care of these parts all through the year. Here comes the importance of Aquaphor. The product can be applied to dry, cracked, and slightly worn-out skin on the elbows and heels in order to restore them to their health.

  1. Gives Soft Smooth Lips

Just like Vaseline, this petrolatum can also give us a soft, smooth, and kissable pout. Apply a thick coat of Aquaphor to your lips and exfoliate gently with a soft toothbrush. It will help you slough off the dead skin cells and make sure that the lipstick glides on them effortlessly. For added moisture to your lips, use Aquaphor underneath your lip balm every night.

  1. Prevents Signs Of Aging

Hydration is the key to a bright, youthful skin and Aquaphor is essential for this. It infuses more than enough moisture in our skin so that the existing fine lines, wrinkles, etc. are minimized and no further signs of aging are visible.

Beauty Uses Of Aquaphor

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  1. Cures Inflammation / Redness

Aquaphor is a magic cure for the irritated and inflamed skin. It contains a powerful anti-inflammatory agent called ‘bisabolol’, which calms and soothes redness and inflammation caused by rashes, allergies, cuts, wounds, cold, wind, etc. Slathering a dollop of the product on the skin 2-3 times a day can protect and heal it completely.

  1. Acts As a Cuticle Cream

Show some love to your cuticles with the help of Aquaphor. It can easily be used as an alternative to cuticle oil or cuticle cream. Simply rub your cuticles with a little jelly every day and they will not get dried or cracked anymore.

  1. Adds A Dewy Glow To Skin

Aquaphor can give you a subtle natural glow without the use of any sort of makeup. Apply a few dots to your brow bones, cheekbones, and jawline, and your skin will become luminous instantly.

  1. Keeps ‘Wild’ Brows In Place

While grooming your unruly brows, apply a little Aquaphor and brush them into place with a spoolie brush. It will help the brows lay flat throughout the day.

  1. Helps In Removing Makeup

Aquaphor can replace your face and eye makeup removers without causing any irritation. Just apply the product all over your face in a thin layer and wipe it off gently with a cotton swab. To remove your eyeliner or mascara, take a little Aquaphor on a cotton ball and swipe it over your eyelids and lashes.

Beauty Uses Of Aquaphor

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  1. Turns ‘Powder’ Into ‘Cream’

Not happy with the powder formula of your makeup? Make it creamy with the help of Aquaphor. Take the powdery product in a brush and mix it nicely with a little petrolatum.

  1. Makes Nail Colors Shiny

Now you can prevent your polish from appearing dull and drab on your nails. Once you are finished with the application of lacquer, rub a little Aquaphor over the painted nails and you are done!

The best thing about Aquaphor is that it is a dermatologist-recommended formula, which is gentle, occlusive, and noncomedogenic. Hence, using it for skin and hair will definitely not result in side effects. Just include it in your daily beauty regimen and see the magic!

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