‘Floating Eyeliner’ – Are You Game For It?

Who said that eyeliners are meant to be applied only along the lash lines? With the latest ‘floating’ trend taking the makeup industry by storm, you can easily find yourself going with the flow and putting the liner right above the creases of your eyes. If you are still not aware of the new makeup craze called ‘floating eyeliner’, we are here to help you out. Try something new for your eyes today and stand out from the crowd. Let’s start:

Floating Eyeliner

What Is ‘Floating Eyeliner’?

‘Floating eyeliner’ is nothing but a unique process of application of regular eyeliner in which a very small tweak leaves a huge impact on the entire style. It is considered as a modified version of the ‘negative space eyeliner’. A floating style features lines on the eyelids, which neither touch the lash lines nor connect the inner and outer corners of the eyes. Rather, it lies in the creases of the eyes, thereby letting the eyeliner float above your peeps! The style might appear a little weird at first glance due to the distinctive ‘floating effect’. It also seems to be just ‘too high fashion’. But it is very easy to create and makeup junkies are totally going ga-ga over it.

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Who Should Try Floating Eyeliner?

Though anyone and everyone can give this floating eyeliner style a try, it basically works as a savior for women with hooded eyes or mono-lids. In fact, this has already garnered a lot of attention as the most effective eyeliner hack for small-eyed girls. Besides, it is a pretty good choice for ladies who keep struggling with their winged eyeliners each and every time. It is also a game-changer for women who are bored of their regular cat-eye looks and are dying to try something new and exclusive.

Floating Eyeliner

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Floating Eyeliner For Hooded Eyes

As said earlier, women with small hooded eyes or mono-lids find the floating style of eyeliner a feasible one. However, the question is, how does it work for them? Well, you need to know about hooded eyes prior to knowing this. When the skin around the eyebrow bone folds right over the skin of the socket of the eye, it creates a ‘hooded’ structure over that specific area. This ‘hooded’ section overlaps the edge of the eye, which gives an illusion of having a ‘mono-lid’.

Now, creating perfect ‘wings’ or getting a pair of sexy ‘cat eyes’ is a real struggle for such eyes. You keep your eyes closed and apply the liner beautifully. But as the hood lies on the top of the end area of the eye, the line remains covered when you keep your eyes open. You console yourself by saying that you must not have applied enough product and end up discovering that all your efforts are in vein even after applying half a bottle of your favorite liquid liner and covering almost the entire lid. Painful and frustrating, right? Here comes the importance of the ‘floating eyeliner’ trick.

When the eyeliner is placed at the point where the eye creases, it floats high above the lash line. Hence, the style does not go hidden even when the eyes are wide open. In fact, it creates the ‘floating’ effect when you keep your eyelids closed. But once they are open, it looks no different than a regular eyeliner style.

How To Create A Floating Eyeliner Look?

Creating a floating eyeliner look is simple and easy as you don’t need to be a pro at drawing flawless lines with eyeliners for this. Here are the steps that you need to follow for pulling off the style:

Floating Eyeliner

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  1. Start with allowing your hoods to align themselves. Just open your eyes partly and look straight. You need to keep the eyes in that position unless and until you are done with the entire procedure.
  2. Take your favorite liquid eyeliner and start drawing a single line on your eyelid keeping it perpendicular to your eyebrow bone. Stop once you reach the edge of your top lash line.
  3. Start drawing another line exactly from that point where you began the last time. But this line should be a slanted one and drawn inwards up to the center of the upper lash line.
  4. Check both of the lines and fill them in wherever needed.
  5. Trace the second line starting from the inner section of your lash line up to the center. It should stop right at the end of the first line.
  6. Make sure that not any part of the lines is looking shaky and voila!

Not only cat eyes, but you can try a lot of other patterns and designs while letting your eyeliner float over your lash lines. Or else, simply add a bit of shimmer to the lines and look glamorous. Just be experimental with the ‘float’ and you will look gorgeous in no time.

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