The Tale Of Mascara Wands: Things You Need To Know

While lining your eyes can enhance them beautifully, pampering your lashes is essential to pop them even more. But how to add that extra oomph to your eyelashes in order to get a pair of killer eyes? The secret is to pick the right mascara, well, ‘wand’.  So, here is the tale of magic mascara wands that you need to know:

Classifications Based On The Shape And Structure:

  1. Classic Straight Wand

If you are a makeup newbie, nothing can be better for you than a classic mascara wand that is built straight and shaped like a pine cone (or a Christmas tree). The tubular wand structure and not-so-dense bristles make it a perfect tool for achieving optimal thickness and great volume for lashes. It is foolproof, easy to use, and can create natural-looking lashes easily without causing clumps.

Classic Straight Wand

  1. Thin ‘Skinny’ Wand

For women with naturally thick eyelashes, a thin mascara wand is just ideal as it focuses on accentuating the lashes instead of adding tons of volume. This long and slim wand has small, uniformly spaced out bristles, which can define the lashes and sometimes even lengthen them (based on the formula used). The sleek wand is also capable of separating our lashes perfectly.

Thin ‘Skinny’ Wand

  1. Thick ‘Fat’ Wand

If you are not blessed with thick eyelashes, a large, fat and fluffy mascara wand can come to your rescue. It can plump up the eyelashes with its thick, dense, synthetic bristles in order to give them a fuller, voluminous look. It is just the right thing for women, who love dramatic lashes as well as doll-eyed looks.

Thick ‘Fat’ Wand

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  1. Comb Wand

Here is the best solution for those dreaded, clumpy, clown-like eyelashes that give you nightmare every time you apply mascara for an attractive eye makeup. This long, comb-shaped wand with evenly spaced plastic bristles will help you distribute the product throughout the lashes and coat them evenly for a clean and natural appearance. Precisely, a comb wand can define and lengthen your already full lashes without clumping.

 Comb Wand

  1. Curved Wand

Give your straight eyelashes a complete makeover with this nicely shaped mascara wand. The exclusive design of a curved mascara wand follows the natural shape of our eyes, which helps in lifting the drooping eyelashes, curling them beautifully, and winging them out to give a more awakened look. All you need to do is to apply the product by wiggling the wand through the lashes while pressing it against them with the curved face down.

Curved Wand

  1. Tapered Wand

The wider base (for volumizing effects) and smaller tip (for precision applications) of the tapered mascara wand is great for a number of uses. The versatile tool can enliven your lackluster eyelashes so that you can achieve almost all looks and styles you wish.

Tapered Wand

  1. Hourglass Wand

This mascara wand looks as sexy as it sounds. It comes in a perfect hourglass shape that coats our eyelashes evenly, makes them thicker and voluminous, and lifts them up, thereby adding definition to our eyes.

Hourglass Wand

  1. Ball / Spherical Wand

If precision is your goal, the ball or spherical mascara wand is your weapon. The exclusive shape and bristles of varying length enable this wand to reach every single eyelash (be it the largest ones at the outer edge of the eyes or the tiniest ones at the inner sides). As a result, we get perfectly customized outcomes.

Ball / Spherical Wand

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  1. Triple Ball Wand

While the structure of this tool is quite offbeat, it is actually a gem of a mascara wand. As the name suggests, it contains three evenly spaced out sphericles along its length, which help in curling the lashes and coating them nicely with the product at the same time. Result? A dramatic look with complete coverage!

Triple Ball Wand

  1. Ball Tip Wand

Unlike the regular ball wand version, this tool comes with a standard wand with a bristled ball at its top. The design makes this ball tip wand a right choice for precise applications as it can reach out to even the smallest lashes. It also makes the application of mascara smudge-free on the lower eyelashes.

Ball Tip Wand

  1. Corkscrew / Spiral Wand

Though not very common, but this corkscrew mascara wand with a unique spiral shape is there in the market to offer maximum coverage to you. It coats every single eyelash and creates great volume to make your eyes look huge.

Corkscrew / Spiral Wand

  1. Micro Wand

When it comes to a neat, clean, and absolutely mess-free application, you have to rely on a micro wand. With this, you can easily layer the product on your lashes without forming clumps.

Micro Wand

  1. Precision Tip Wand

This is nothing but a standard thick-bristled wand with a carefully designed precision tip. You can get amazing lash volume with the thick bristles while covering the hard-to-reach areas with the precision tip.

Precision Tip Wand

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Classifications Based On The Bristle Material:

  1. Natural-Bristle Wand

The bristles are made of classic nylon and can give you a totally natural look.

 Natural-Bristle Wand

  1. Fiber Wand

The bristles are infused with fiber, which makes thin, short lashes longer and fuller.

Fiber Wand

  1. Rubber Wand

Being made of rubber, it retains its shape and gives better control during applications.

Rubber Wand

  1. Silicone Wand

The silicone made bristles of this wand offer excellent control for a gorgeous high-definition appearance.

Silicone Wand

So, have you found your ‘magic’ wands, ladies?

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