DIY Aloe Vera Eye Mask

Eyes are one of the most sensitive sense organs and thus require equal attention and care. Say no to cosmetics and turn to DIY Aloe Vera Eye Mask. Aloe Vera Eye Mask is a great remedy to a majority of your eye problems provided you exactly know how to make this mask and Do It Yourself to make it happen. This post will give you a detailed exposure to the Aloe Vera Eye Mask, right from making it at home to refrigerating and using it.

DIY Aloe Vera Eye Mask

Preparation of Aloe Vera Eye Mask is an easy job and can be done at home itself! Though, you are required to do some stitching but it is a no big deal. Certain sewing job that can be easily done and lend you a perfect life saver in your hand.

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To make the mask, first of all you should take a white cloth of pure cotton material and cut it in the dimensions preferably of 4:9 ratios. Just in case it contains any dirt and germs, you should boil it for 5-7 minutes since it has to be put up for the eyes.

Dry this piece of cloth and fold it in half, lengthwise. Now, either using the sewing machine or by a simple thread and needle, stitch along the length and a side of the cloth! Keep it aside.

This is the right time to hit the ground and get an aloe vera leaf from its plant and wash it with clean water. Using some sharp object, preferably a knife, remove the slimier, outer layer of green colour. Remove the thorns using the knife and cut the leaf in half. As soon as you cut the leaf, you will discover the gel type substance and actually, it is this substance that is majorly used in all the beauty products and should be treated with clear and dirt free hands. Scoop this gel out with knife.

To remove the sticky layer, it should be washed in water. Take the cloth pocket you prepared a while back by stitching the cloth piece and insert the gel in this cloth particle. One should be using the spoon or the blunt knife to insert and adjust this gel in the same cloth pocket. Once you are successful in settling this, it is the time to secure the open end of the pocket with a safety pin or you can also stitch the other end.

Once you are done with the preparation, it is the time to add your aloe vera gel pocket to your refrigerating area and let it cool for some 4-5 hours.

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After the hard work you did, right from preparing the cotton cloth pocket to adjusting the aloe vera gel in it, it is the time to have some amazing experience to soothe your eyes up. It is the time to ripen the crop you yielded.

So, to start with the use and application of the aloe vera pocket, take it out from the refrigerator. Lie in a bed or in a position such that your head and body are at the same level. Now place this cooled pocket over your eyes turn by turn.

Benefits of this activity

In today’s online world, the eyes are one of the most harmed senses because of excessive use of computer, laptop or phone screens. Added to this, the lack of sleep due to disturbed sleep cycles is also causing eye damage. In this scenario, the DIY aloe vera mask proves effective against following:


The formation of the puff and douchebags appearance beneath eyes makes it uneasy for anyone. This is an easy homemade cure to curb puffiness.


The temperature and irregular sleep causes the redness in the eyes. The soothing effect of chilled aloe vera mask removes the redness.

Dark circle around eyes

The dark circles around the eyes destroy the face expressions. To manage the dark circles, use this aloe vera as an effective means to cure the same.


The characteristics of this DIY aloe vera mask are:


The cosmetics come with a lot of adulterated materials. This mask, made at home is pure and you can count on the purity.

Easy storage

You can store this in refrigerator and it can be used for 3-4 days. So, you can count on reuse and relax on the storage either!

No age bar

The aloe vera mask can be used by anyone irrespective of the age.

Other notes

Apart from the benefits served by DIY homemade aloe vera mask, you should also take a note of following things

  • Always use aloe vera after washing it thorough as the germs may infect the eyes.
  • The cotton cloth must be chosen selectively. It must be sterilized before use.
  • If you have severe eye problems or symptoms persist, consult your doctor right away.

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