Fabulous Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Who says that women with dark skin tone can never experiment with makeup? With so many versatile choices of cosmetics available in the market, now they can also make it their own in all possible ways. Check out some fabulous makeup tips exclusively sorted out for dark beauties:

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

Play with Foundation Shades

Say the biggest beauty issues of a dark-skinned woman and an uneven skin tone will top the list. If you are one among them, the chances are big that you are not happy with the darker perimeter (including the forehead) and comparatively lighter mid-area of your face. Here are the tricks:

  • A single shade of foundation may not be sufficient for you. So, pick a couple of shades (one or two shades lighter than the actual tone of your skin) and mix them to achieve the best natural looks.
  • Figure out the undertone in your skin and choose your foundation shades accordingly. Most of the women with dark skin are found to have yellow or golden undertones and the foundation shades should definitely match with these.
  • Apply foundation in such a way that the shades transit progressively from the darker region of the face to the liger region, thereby giving you a picture-perfect finish.

Get Even-Toned Flawless Skin

Double-toned complexion and pesky blemishes are quite common to dark-skinned women. Once you find your foundation and concealer of right shades, proper blending is the key to an even-toned, flawless look. Here are the know-hows:

  • You can either highlight the warmer tone of your skin or focus on the lighter one. But make sure that you apply the foundation with the help of a good foundation brush or sponge and blend it perfectly.
  • To highlight your warmer tone, choose a shade that lies amid the darker tone and the lighter tone of your skin. You need to it apply it all over your face so that both tones are evened out and you look absolutely natural.
  • To focus on your lighter tone, pick a sheer foundation of almost similar shade or find a suitable tinted moisturizer. Apply it to the mid-section of your face. For the darker section like perimeter and forehead, opt for a nice copper bronzer. Do not forget to blend everything adequately.
  • Get your hands on a concealer or powder foundation that is efficient in camouflaging all sorts of spots, marks and blemishes. The shade should be chosen wisely so that you get perfect coverage.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

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Pick and Apply Blush the Right Way

A bit of blush can add definition to the face of a dark-skinned woman and give it an elegant appearance in no time. Here are some handy tips for you:

  • Bright colors can suit your dark skin ton quite well and also play a great role in sculpting your cheeks. Hence, select shades like brownish red, orange, brick, fuchsia, etc. You can even replace your blush with a suitable shade of bronzer.
  • If you have chubby cheeks, figure out the apples of your cheekbones to apply blush perfectly and fake a natural flush. All you need to do is to start right from there and blend it delicately up to your hairline.
  • Women with high cheekbones can apply blush just to the top sections of the bones.

Pick Dramatic Shades for Eyes

When it comes to the eyes of dark-skinned women, adding colors turns out to be extremely interesting an enticing. Here are the ways to flaunt your eyes like never before:

  • Deep colors of shadows are what you need for your eyes to pull off a dramatic eye makeup beautifully. You can play with golden, bronze, purple, mauve, pink, pumpkin, and so on. It is even better to go for the shimmering ones. Just make sure that the pigmentation of the shade is good enough.
  • Use lots of color to line your eyes the most flattering way. Apart from the basic black, give other rich shades like navy blue, silver, forest green, etc. a try too.

Makeup Tips for Dark Skinned Women

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Ditch Contrasting Lip Colors

Contrasting is fun, but nor for dark-skinned ladies of course. If you use an extra light shade on your lips, you will end up looking pale and sick instead of natural and chic. So, here are your ways to follow:

  • Try to avoid light lip colors that are totally contrasting to the shade of your skin as well as lips. A shade that is comparable with your complexion to some extent can still be considered. But, pale nude or something similar is a complete no-no.
  • Go for deep colors in order to amplify your glamour and elegance. Variations of red, wine, plum, purple, brown, orange, etc. will look amazing on you.
  • Forget matte. Glossy is the latest in. Always wear a transparent, brown or mauve lip gloss over your lip color to get a more intense and sensual look.

Now, you have all those awesome makeup tips that can make your dark skin look even more gorgeous. Are you ready to dazzle?

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