Interesting Benefits Of Emu Oil For Hair And Skin

Everybody wants to look beautiful, but very few choose to go completely natural to make their dream come true. However, the popularity of natural skin and hair care remedies has been on a rise since last few decades. As an obvious result of this, the market has also been flooded with natural and herbal beauty products. Emu oil is one of such natural ingredients that is claimed to be a ‘miracle cure’ for a vast array of health, skin, and hair issues. But what is emu oil? Leave health benefits aside, what can it do to your beauty? Does it really live up to the claims? Let’s explore:

Interesting Benefits Of Emu Oil For Hair And Skin

What Is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is obtained from the big, flightless bird called ‘Emu’ (Dromaius Novaehollandiae), which is farmed in Australia and several other countries for their red meat. The oil is processed from the thick fat pad present on the back of the bird as the by-product of the process of meat production. It is then refined and purified in order to get rid of the traces of impurities, other organic substances, and smell. The natural healing power of emu oil has long been appreciated; however, it has recently come to the limelight for its potent skin and hair benefits.

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Properties Of Emu Oil

Here is all you need to know about the composition and properties of pure emu oil:

  • The cloudy, pale yellow-colored oil is extremely lightweight and absolutely non-greasy. It is hypo-allergenic with no known harmful side effects.
  • It is a blend of both saturated and unsaturated (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fatty acids. According to researchers, 70% of them are unsaturated fatty acids that provide protection to our heart and again, 50% of those unsaturated fatty acids are monounsaturated ones.
  • Being almost 100% triglyceride, emu oil is considered as a totally neutral lipid. It has very tiny molecules and doesn’t contain phospholipids, which contributes to its ability of penetration significantly.
  • It is loaded with a monounsaturated fatty acid named ‘oleic acid’, which is found to be the largest component of perfectly processed emu oil. It is oleic acid, which also makes the oil highly penetrating.
  • The oil can be used as a ‘transdermal delivery system’ as it can penetrate the epidermis and go deeper and above all, carry other products (medications or cosmetics) along with it, thereby enhancing their potency.
  • Emu oil is an excellent natural emulsifier. Due to its awesome ‘blendability’, it can create a perfect oil-water mixture that can penetrate the surface level of our skin and hair easily without leaving any oily / greasy residue.
  • The anti-inflammatory qualities of emu oil make it a successful natural cure for inflammation, cuts and wounds, burns, scars, arthritis pains, joint pains, muscle aches, and many other health issues.
  • Emu oil is also bacteriostatic, which ensures no bacterial growth, less oxidation, no eventual rancidity, and long shelf life.

Interesting Benefits Of Emu Oil For Hair And Skin

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Benefits Of Emu Oil For Skin

As mentioned earlier, emu oil has been found to be highly beneficial for our skin. Here is how you can make your skin happy by opting for it:

  1. Nourishes and moisturizes the skin well with its high fatty acid content so that we can get rid of dry and dull skin
  2. Increases the water retention capacity of the surface level of our skin in order to keep it hydrated for long
  3. Stimulates cell regeneration, which eventually makes our skin grow to avoid thinning
  4. Fights against premature aging and eliminates its signs like wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, etc., thereby giving us a healthy, youthful skin
  5. Delivers bio-nutrients to the innermost level of the skin, thereby making it stronger, plumper, and more supple
  6. Doesn’t irritate or inflame the skin, rather soothes inflammation skin to provide instant relief
  7. Doesn’t block skin pores (non-comedogenic) so that the skin doesn’t break out
  8. Heals wounds, bruises, scars, burns, stretch marks, etc. at a rapid pace
  9. Treats mild to severe skin conditions like redness, rosacea, cracking, peeling, scaling, eczema, psoriasis, and so on

Interesting Benefits Of Emu Oil For Hair And Skin

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Benefits Of Emu Oil For Hair

Emu oil is also considered as a fortifying agent for our mane. Check out how it can improve the health of your hair:

  • Puts a stop to hair loss and cures spot balding
  • Promotes new hair growth by stimulating the dormant hair follicles on our scalp
  • Repairs split ends by providing nourishment to the damaged hair fibres
  • Helps in thickening the scalp in order to make the follicles sitting on it healthy
  • Reduces scalp inflammation, thereby triggering the growth of hair
  • Adds healthy shine and sheen to the locks

While purchasing emu oil, make sure that you go for a renowned brand. The oil should be processed as well as refined the right way, otherwise, it will not work and you might even end up experiencing adverse side effects.

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