How to Rejuvenate Your Skin Using Oil Cleansing

Are you tired of treating your delicate, soft skin with expensive and chemical inclusive face care products? What if someone told you the secret, affordable ingredient for a perfect looking skin lies in your home? Oils!

The Idea behind Oil Cleansing Method

One may hesitate to use oil for cleaning their skin but after much testing and experiments, many people have agreed that oil is the magical potion that clears your skin from the deep embedded particles. Sounds crazy! It is not. Once you start using oil cleansing method you will be compelled to replace your moisturiser and face wash.

The central idea of this method is to make use of natural oils in a particular combination to wash off the impurities from your skin and balance the natural oils of the skin naturally. Unlike traditional soaps and face washes, this use of natural oil will nourish and moisturise your skin in a better way.

Oil Cleansing
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The fundamental concept behind this idea is that massaging your skin with the oils will dissolve the oil that has toughened with dirt and stuck in your pores. The steam allows the pores to open in turn removing the oil easily. A small drop of oil pated on your skin will nourish and moisturize it rather than over-compensating the oil production.

The Truth behind the Oil Cleansing Method

As per research, it has been proven that natural oils are far better than the chemically made face wash and moisturisers. Even when your facial skin goes hormone-crazy, cleansing your skin with natural oils will prevent the breakouts, splotches and red spots. However, in the first week of the treatment you might feel that it is not working as per the expectations instead you are troubled with some changes. But in every detox reaction you will face the same results during the first weeks as the impurities are being removed from the skin. In later weeks of the treatment, you definitely have a rejuvenated, glowing and younger looking skin.

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The secret ingredients for younger looking skin

Oil cleansing treatment is very simple and affordable as whatever ingredients you need for it are all available to you in your home. A few natural oils and clean wash cloth are all you need to make your skin glow and be impurity-free.

Castor oil and olive oil are the two most commonly used oils used to prepare a mixture. Castor oil is known for its natural astringent properties. It has proven to be beneficial in pulling out the impurities embedded deep in the skin thus making it ideal for both combination and oily skin people. However, castor oil should not be used undiluted because it could dry up your skin. Thus you need another perfectly moisturizing oil to blend with it for a better hydrating mixture. Some people consider castor oil to be bad due to its unstable growing practices which is why they prefer using hazelnut oil instead of it.

Blend castor oil with olive oil, coconut oil, safflower or sunflower oil for the perfect hydrating mixture. Olive oil’s hydrating properties gives your skin a dewy and youthful glow.  It helps in softening of the wrinkles and makes it less sensitive for irritants.

How to create the perfect mixture:

New to oil cleansing treatment, here is an easy way to blend the perfect oils together according to your skin. Usually people mix ¼ teaspoons of castor oil and ¾ teaspoons of olive oil but different skin types need different combinations.

  • Dry skin – Add a small amount of castor oil to any nourishing oil like olive oil or sunflower oil.
  • Oily skin – add 2/3 teaspoons of olive oil to 1/3 teaspoons of castor oil
  • Combination skin – add ¾ teaspoons of olive to ¼ teaspoons of castor oil.

Even coconut oil is known for its hydrating and nourishing effects.

How to use the oil blend for face cleaning:

These simple steps of cleaning your face with the natural oil blend will get you a better and youthful looking skin.

1. Pour a little amount of the oil blend in your hand. Massage the mixture on your facial skin with smooth circular strokes for a minute atleast. Let the oil saturate in your skin and leave it on your skin for 10 minutes to clean the pores.

2. Soak a clean washcloth in hot water and place it on your face. The steam entering your skin will remove the impurities and unwanted oils from the skin. Leave the cloth on your face until it cools. Use the corner of the cloth to remove the leftover oil from the face.

3. Usually there is no need for any moisturiser but if you have dry skin then reduce the astringent oil amount and add a little amount of herbal lotion.

The Perks of Oil Cleansing Method

Now that you know how to make and use the natural oils for deep cleaning, here are a few benefits –

  • Oil cleansing method helps you deep clean your skin from the impurities embedded deep in your pores.
  • It helps you get rid of the bad oils from your skin because only oil can remove oil.
  • It helps you to prevent issues like dry skin, oily skin, whiteheads, blackheads and other skin related problems occurring due to impurities.

Try the oil cleaning method to get rid of the impurities and make it glowing, rejuvenated and youthful.

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