Simple Nail Art Hacks To Give Yourself The Best Manicure Ever

Who doesn’t want to know the pro secrets of nail art? When it comes to creating salon-worthy nail designs right at the comfort of home, it is important to find out the top tricks followed by the celeb nail artists. It will help you amp up your manicure game and look super cool without burning a hole in your wallet. And guess what? Some of these tricks will even allow you to experiment with different nail looks and designs without depending on a nail art kit. Sounds interesting? Do give it a try. Here are some simple nail art hacks that will give your nails a trendy makeover easily:

Simple Nail Art Hacks To Give Yourself The Best Manicure Ever

Go Ombre With Sponge

No more sighs to see that beautiful ombre nails on your bestie’s fingers. You can do it yourself now. Take two nail colors of your choice and apply them on a flat surface one after another in thick horizontal lines. Make sure that there is no gap between the shades, or you can amalgamate them along the line of connection with the help of a toothpick. Now, paint your nails with a clear or light base shade. Take a small rectangular piece of sponge, dab it onto the combination of polish vertically (press it against the surface firmly or dab a few times if needed), and blot right onto the tip of your nail. Repeat it for the all your nails. Your super cool ombre mani is ready!

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Say ‘Scotch’ For French Tips

Scotch tape is that ‘sweet savior’, which can help your nails survive all sorts of designing mistakes while giving them an attractive look. Yes, you can create wonderful geometric designs or just perfect French tips just by using scotch tape. All you need to do is cut a piece of tape into thin strips, stick them one by one to the tips of the nails horizontally, and apply a coat of your favorite polish to the nails as usual. Once the color dries, peel off the strips, and lock the paint with a top coat. You can also create stunning zig-zag designs or smart stripes on your nails by using thin strips of scotch tape just the same way.

….And No More ‘Edge Painting’

A simple scotch tape can also save the edges of your nails from getting painted accidentally during the application of colors. Cut and stick small pieces of the tape along the cuticles of your nails and apply the nail colors as usual. Let it dry completely. Then, peel off the tape pieces and you will be left with absolutely fresh coats of nail color without causing any damage to your cuticles.

Simple Nail Art Hacks To Give Yourself The Best Manicure Ever

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‘Polka’ With Toothpick / Bobby Pin

Say cute nail designs and ‘polka dots’ will come to your mind as the easiest thing choice ever. But how to make those dots perfectly round without a nail art kit? Well, dip the pointed tip of the toothpick or the circular end of a bobby pin into your favorite nail lacquers and dab on your nails carefully. You can even make the dots bigger by spreading them a little with the same toothpick or bobby pin.

Paint Brush For Glittery Nails

Do you own a small paint brush? Then, adding glitters to your fingernails will not be a big deal for you. We tell you how. Start with the regular way of painting your nails with the base coat. Now, dip the paint brush in the shimmer powder you have got and sprinkle it all over your nails. Finally, apply a top coat to secure the artistic glitter effect. You can also make use nail glue to keep the glitters stuck to your nails.

Some More Useful Tips

No, our stock of nail art hacks is not over yet. You can also try the following tips to give yourself the best manicure ever:

Simple Nail Art Hacks To Give Yourself The Best Manicure Ever

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  • If you make any mistake during the creation of French nail tips, hide it instantly by drawing a line over the joint of the base color and the French tip with a glitter pen.
  • You can also create mini hearts, stars, leopard prints, etc. on your nails by using toothpick or bobby pin.
  • Keep a fan brush to create thin, precise stripes on your nails. Dip the bristles of the brush in a nail lacquer, brush it over the base color onto your nails, and you are done.
  • If you always struggle to get a flawless half-moon mani, paper reinforcements can be your savior.
  • While applying a clear top coat on your painted nails, swipe it along the edges to make the manicure long-lasting.
  • For a textured effect, paint a nail color onto a paper towel and dab it onto your dry polished nails.

Hope you find these simple nail art hacks helpful. Follow these while getting your manicure done and you will fall in love with your nails like never before!

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