14 Simple Nail Polish Hacks That Will Make Your Nail Painting Effortless

Do you go to the salon every week to get your nails painted? Definitely not, right? Well, DIY nail painting can turn out to be extremely challenging sometimes leaving us clueless about how to fix the things. Sounds similar? Then, you must know these simple nail polish hacks to make nail painting a breeze! Check them out:

14 Simple Nail Polish Hacks That Will Make Your Nail Painting Effortless

  1. Get Your Nails Ready

The lasting power of a nail paint is influenced by the conditions of your nails. Hence, you need to make your nails free from invisible oils. To get clean, dry, and paint-ready nails, wipe them with a paper towel soaked in white vinegar.

  1. Apply Thinner Coats

Do not apply a single thick coat of polish as it only dries up superficially rather than drying completely. Instead, apply multiple thinner coats and let them dry up in between.

  1. Avoid Over Polishing

Though removing those extra swipes around your nails is easy, here is a simple trick to avert it. Apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the edges of your nails and no color will stick to your cuticles or skin anymore!

Avoid Over Polishing

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  1. Vanish Those Errors

Errors around the edges of nails during painting are quite common. All you need is a non-usable eyeliner brush or an old eyebrow makeup brush, which usually have stiff angled points. Just dip it into your polish and clean up the mess in an easy and precise manner.

  1. Dry It Faster

Drying the nail paint is the toughest part of the job. Sitting under the fan can work but you may end up developing bubbles in your beautiful nail paints. Rather, dip them in a bowl of ice-cold water and wait for 30 seconds. You can also apply quick-dry drops or quick-dry spray to your painted nails in order to prevent the polish from smudging and dry faster. Spraying your nails with hair spray or cooking spray will also make your top coats stronger and avert chipping.

Dry It Faster

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  1. Make It Stay Longer

When it comes to making a nail paint stay longer, a proper base coat is considered as a key. Apply a ‘rubberized’ base coat, which can hold on the polish strongly with the help of its rubber texture and make it long-lasting.

  1. Design As You Wish

A simple scotch or adhesive tape can give you some of the coolest nail art ideas. Cut the tape into thin, long strips or make different patterns from it. For half moon French mani, you may use a few paper hole reinforcers. Designing your nails was never so easy!

  1. Going Ombre Is Easy

Ombre or ‘gradient of color’ is one of those latest nail trends that seem to be difficult to wear but are actually quite easy when you know the trick. You can create it by mixing a white polish with your favorite nail paint and increasing or decreasing the amount of white as you wish to go lighter or darker. You can also try blending two different shades side by side and apply the liquid to your nails with a sponge.

  1. Turn Neon Brighter

Neon hues are bright enough to make our nails look attractive. But what if you want to make it pop even more? Just coat your nails with a white polish after applying the base coat and then, apply the paint as usual.

Turn Neon Brighter

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  1. Say ’NO’ To Bubbles

Bubbles in nail colors are transferred to our nails during application and ruin our polish. It often generates inside the nail paint bottles when we shake it too much. Just hold it in between your palms and roll it from side to side in order to prevent bubble formation.

  1. Prevent Polish Dry-Out

Too much polish stuck to the opening of the bottle? It will dry out your nail color rapidly as the cap will not be closed properly, thereby allowing air to enter the bottle. Simply soak a tissue paper in acetone remover and wipe the stuck polish off the bottle.

  1. No Stain, Please!

We all get that pinkish / orange tinge after taking dark colors off our nails, don’t we? Well, get rid of it instantly by rubbing or brushing your nails with a soft toothbrush and a teeth whitener / toothpaste for a few minutes. Alternatively, you can dip your stained nails in a hot water solution made of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for a minute or so.

No Stain

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  1. Fix Chipped Nail Paints

If you have no time to repair your chipped nail paint, fix it instantly with a glitter polish. Either follow a uniform pattern or apply multiple coats of different strengths in order to cover the issue up with a faded effect.

  1. Get Your Matte Top Coat

You can turn your glossy nail paint into a matte one just by following a DIY method. Prepare your matte top coat at home by mixing a little cornstarch with a clear polish and apply it over your glossy nail paint. You’re done!

With these simple hacks, your nail painting will definitely become easy and effortless.

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