9 Types Of French Nail Tips For An Uber-Chic Look

What can be more fashionable to a nail art addict than beautifully designed French tip nails? French manicure is classic and no matter what other types of manicure are in vogue, nothing can beat it. Even though we are most familiar with the timeless white French nail tips, there are quite a lot of other stylish ways to wear it. In this post, we are going to show you how to put French tips on to get a polished, uber-chic look:

French Nail Tips

  1. Colorful French Tip

Add a dash of color to your French nail tips and look effortlessly vibrant all the time. Choose any bright hues like royal blue, hot pink, forest green, dark red, and so on for a radiant mani, or simply go for subtle shades that will give you a classic look with a delicate twist. If you want fun and quirky nail tips, paint them neon. You can also pick a single fingernail e.g. the nail on the ring finger and color its tip while keeping all other nail tips absolutely white.

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  1. Reverse French Tip

As the name says, it is a style featuring French tips in a reverse manner. To be more precise, you need to create a half-moon-like pattern at the base of your nails starting right from the edge. Hence, it is also known as the ‘Half Moon Manicure’. Whether you stick to the nude base with a white moon, keep it black and white, or go for shades matching your outfits, your nails will always look super trendy in it.

Metallic French Tip

  1. Metallic French Tip

Nowadays, metallic French tips are everywhere. They not only add an amazing shine to our nails but also give them an elegant look. All you need to do is pick the metallic versions of your favorite shades (gold, silver, or any other heavy metals) and paint the tips of your nails with them carefully. The entire thing gets spiced up even more due to the reflection of light from the tips.

  1. Geometrical French Tip

Love geometry? Then, you’ll love these funky French tips too. All of these include straight lines made of different nail colors but the patterns and styles differ vastly ranging from the basic ‘two-line’ French tip to multiple colorful lines to diagonally divided tips with each side painted with different shades. For precision and perfect symmetry, make thin strips of scotch tape and place them strategically on your nail tips before applying the shades.

Airbrushed French Tip

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  1. Airbrushed French Tip

There are airbrush machines, which can create awesome tips on your French nails along with the available stencils. The most interesting fact about an airbrushed French tip is that it lasts for a really long time. However, the technique is pretty challenging and we recommend you to visit a nail parlor to wear it perfectly.

  1. Stamped French Tip

When it comes to achieving a unique French nail tip design, stamping is undoubtedly considered as a great option. There are lots of attractive stamping designs available in the market and you can always find one to suit your mood, style, and personality. Make sure that you seal the stamped tips of your nails with the help of a clear top coat.

Stamped French Tip

  1. Floral French Tip

Be it outfits, accessories, or nail art, the appeal of autumn-inspired floral designs is universal. So this season, team your beautiful floral dress with an even more beautiful floral French tip manicure. A nude pink or a transparent white will work great as a base color while the pure white tip can be decorated with red-pink petals coupled with bright green leaves. The intricate design can further be made elegant by creating the flower at one corner of the nail tip and sticking a rhinestone at its center.

  1. Sequined French Tip

How about giving your nails a royal makeover? Give sequined French tip design a try and it will define your style just the right way. For example, apply the base coat all over your nails with your favorite shade, add royal blue tips to them, create some classy patterns of ferns on the tips with a milky white polish and finally, finish the design off with gorgeous silver sequins. Isn’t it amazing?

Sequined French Tip

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  1. Shimmery French Tip

Looking for a festive nail art design that suites your classy style? Go shimmery with a French manicure and your nails will look glamorous like never before. Start with applying the base coat of nude, light pink, or beige to the nails and add a touch of bling to the tips by sprinkling some fiery gold, sparkling silver, or midnight blue shimmers over them.

Also, keep the following things in mind while getting your French nail tips done:

  • Always start from the little finger reach the thumb gradually.
  • Always use fresh nail lacquers for the precise applications at the tips of nails.
  • Nude, light pink, and beige are excellent base colors for any types of French nail tips.
  • It is better to visit the nail salon and seek the help of a nail artist for complicated designs, especially if you are a beginner.

So, have you got enough inspiration for your French nail tips?

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